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World Sight Day October 11, 2018

World Sight Day October 11, 2018

Not that we underestimate the blessing of vision but we do take it for granted many a time. This is especially true when you look at the big, puppy-eyes of little babies – we stay so mesmerised by their charm that we forget the crel fact that every eye, even your child’s eyes are vulnerable to injury and damage.

You should always take conscious efforts to keep your child’s eye healthy. And this bring us to the motive of World Sight Day, 2018 – Eye Care Everywhere!

Eye Care Everywhere – What Does It Mean?

Well, everywhere means in all the places – home, bathroom, school, roads, playground, tv-room, in front of a phone screen, around pets – everywhere. And also, everytime – day & night, while asleep & while awake. Make sure that the eyes of your child are well-protected from any harm and also well-rested so that they do not wear out soon.

A Rise In Visual Impairment…

Eye Checkup

Visual impairment or decrease/loss of vision is seeing a rising trend in recent years. Undoubtedly, we credit it to excessive screen time and poor diet. Some of it is also because of the pollution around us. And obviously, we still have not found conclusive ways to prevent genetic or congenital defects.

Let’s see what global surveys say…

  • Nearly 3% children has poor vision or no vision at all.
  • ‘Lazy Eye’, a condition of poor vision due to nerve problem, affects 2% children below the age of 6 years.
  • Other vision problems:
    • Nearsightedness: 4%
    • Farsightedness: 21%
    • Defect in Cornea: 28%

Needless to say, when it comes to children, we don’t just need a World Sight ‘Day’; we need to be careful and spread awareness round the year.

But now, let’s see how you can protect your child’s eyes in everyday life.

Daily Care For Children’s Eyes

Anti-Glare Screens

We’ll get straight to it.

  • Until the age of 2 years, keep screen time to ZERO.
  • Monitor the screen time in older children as well, not exceeding 3 hours each day including TV, phone and laptop.
  • Opt for anti-glare screens or equip your child with an anti-glare spec.
  • Have them use a sunglass when they are out in sunlight and also in pollution.
  • Babies take a month to a year to get their vision correct. Post that time, they should be able to see like an adult with normal vision. If you feel like something is not fitting to that standard, visit a paediatric ophthalmologist immediately.
  • If you child uses specs, make sure that s/he wears it as recommended.
  • Tears clean eyes. However, see to it that the child rinses his /her eyes occasionally.
  • Feed them more carrots, fruits and leafy vegetables and fish. Avoid packaged food and anything that has a high concentration of salt. It might cause dehydration of eyes. 

In addition, keep an eye out to poking hazards like sharp toys and watch out during play time so that they do not injure their eyes. In case of any mishaps, call a doctor – even if it’s a minor thing and can be attended with simple home remedies. Do not try any non-conventional treatment on eyes without an expert’s supervision.

On the occasion of World SIght Day, let’s pledge to be vigilant about the health of our children’s eyes, and, of course, our own!


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