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Want To Know Some Secrets To Breastfeeding?

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For any mother, pregnancy is perhaps one of the most beautiful experiences. Even before the baby is born, the bonding between the mother-to-be and her baby begins. However, after the baby is born, this bonding continues to grow. Everything that a baby does is a part of the mother’s daily routine, So, can the baby’s nourishment be far behind?

Breastfeeding is one of the most important post birth responsibility of a mother. A mother’s milk is best for the baby, they say hence there are a lot of things which need to be known and taken care of before, while and after breastfeeding.

One of the most discussed topics among new mothers is breastfeeding as it is such a topic where everyone has some information and each person’s perceptions and suggestions or ideas differs from the other even though the core process of breastfeeding is the same.

To reduce the confusion and the occasional panic, here are some secrets of breastfeeding which should be known by every mother.

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Increasing Milk Supply: One of the most simple things to do for the continuous feeding of the baby is to increase milk supply in the breast. If the baby is nursing one breast, the mother can pump the other breast so as to increase the quantity of milk. The next feeding can be easier and also provide enough milk to the baby with that breast.

Unlatching the baby: Many mothers face issues while unlatching the baby from their breast. To rectify this, mothers can unlatch the baby by inserting a finger in the mouth of the baby so that it doesn’t hurt the mother when the baby is sucking hard.

Easing engorgement: Many a times, the body tends to produce more milk than necessary at odd times. The best way to solve this is by pressing down the breast and towards the nipple. It’s better done in the shower as it gets less messy and also the steam in the shower helps in easy release of the milk.

Cycles of Breast Milk: The first few minutes of discharge is a lighter and more water based milk which is called the ‘fore milk’ and a few minutes later a more heavier and whiter milk is released which is called ‘hind milk’. Doctors suggest that emptying the breast to give the baby a balance of both types of milk is best for growth.

Baby’s mouth should cover wider breast area: The baby when feeding, should take in most of the areola(Dark part) of the breast. This will result in the baby sucking the milk ducts of the breast to draw the milk out. Only sucking the nipple will eventually result in pain.

Feed often and Eat more: Feeding more and pumping more eventually results in the increase of milk which is released and in turn good for the baby. Eating and staying healthy is also very necessary for the mother and also the baby.

Not EAT While Breast Feeding

Preventing Common Complications: There are quite a few complication which occur as a result of breastfeeding on a daily basis. It is a normal process and it can be curtailed by Air Drying nipples, eating foods with less sugar and wearing a clean bra.

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Breast feeding a process and period of time all mothers who have given birth go through and it is a natural process. Experienced doctors advise not to overthink about what the baby is doing, when, how long and why as it gives rise to unnecessary doubts. Letting the baby take the lead and letting them get accustomed to the process in such a way that it is easy for the baby and the mother is the only priority in this period of time.

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