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Understanding Premature Birth Complications

Premature Birth Complications

Couples who are expecting can’t wait to see their child. The wait for the pregnancy to be over kills them. But sometimes, babies also get impatient and are born a few weeks early.

With cesarean delivery getting more popularity, it’s common that some parents chose to get their child delivered in a time which is convenient for them. This time may be even weeks before the normal delivery would set in.

But is an early delivery desirable? Is opting for an early delivery appreciable? Well, the short answer is, no. A range of things relating to the child’s health may go wrong if a child is born prematurely. The risks of premature birth complications increase with each week of being prematurely born. Although, the modern neo-natal units are well-equipped to deal with most premature birth complications, it’s always best to not need a neo-natal care.

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Here are all the things which your child may have to face as premature birth complications:

  • Breathing issues: The most common premature birth complications is issues with breathing. A preemie may not have the required elasticity in its lungs, which is necessary to allow them to breath normally and rhythmically. They may experience long pauses in between two breaths.
  • Heart issues: It’s not uncommon for preemies to be born with a hole in the heart. It may close over time, but will need surgical intervention if it doesn’t. Low blood pressure, known as hypotension, is also a concern as it’s one of the most common premature birth complications.
  • Temperature issues: The preemies may not have enough fat in their body to retain the warmth required for sustenance. Hypothermia, or too less body heat, may slow down the heart rate and cause breathing issues.
  • Brain issues: Bleeding inside the brain is one of the most serious premature birth complications. While bleeding subsides with proper care, excessive bleeding may cause permanent brain damage.
  • Immunity issues: The immunity system of a baby keeps developing even after a baby is born after a full term pregnancy. When such is the case, each day of prematurity increases her chances of getting infected more easily. If the situation gets out of the hand, it can become fatal also.
  • Blood issues: The chances of getting anaemia or low count of Red Blood Cells is common in any infant upto 3 months of her age. The risk is exponentially higher for a prematurely born baby. Preemies may have excessive bilirubin in the blood that causes jaundice in children.
  • Metabolic issues: The less developed livers in preemies find it difficult to process glucose. This makes the child lack glucose. Blood converts glucose to energy. Low glucose, low energy.
  • Digestive issues: An immature baby has an immature gastrointestinal system. For this reason, when the baby starts eating, it injures the cells of her bowel wall. It is a very serious premature birth complication. Breast milk may reduce the risk of digestive issues. But this is one of the premature birth complications that parents should be aware of.neonatal care unit

The premature birth complications are not limited to the immediate survival issues that the child has to face in the neonatal care unit. Certain premature birth may show long term complications like visual, dental and hearing issues, cerebral palsy, impaired cognitive skills, etc.later in life also.

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