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Tips For Maintaining Your Child’s Health During Monsoon

Tips For Maintaining Your Child’s Health During Monsoon

Monsoons bring joy and jubilation not only to us but all children. For them, it is a worldly experience to see the raindrops falling from the skies and hitting the ground. Water represents one of their greatest joys, and the excitement cannot be measured by any means. As the monsoon winds blow over the sky and let the downpour on the ground, it also has a side to it that may not be very pleasant to children, especially for parents.

Monsoon Season

This side is the part which enables the spread and establishment of diseases during this season. Monsoons give rise to many diseases, illnesses and health problems, especially for children. Kids are highly vulnerable to skin diseases, malaria, dengue, jaundice and many other issues that once affected will sideline them for a considerable duration, taking away their joy of playfulness on the outside to reside on the bed for a long time on the inside.

So, here we look at some essential tips for parents to keep their child safe and healthy during monsoons, which will enable the child to be disease free and enjoy the downpour without causing harm to their excitement.

Diseases in Monsoon Season

Keeping the surroundings clean.

The environment or the streets and their cleanliness may be out of parents’ control, but keeping the surroundings within the house and the immediate exteriors is a possibility and actually in their hands. Damp places and surfaces within the household could turn into a breeding ground for multiple types of bacteria and thus be giving rise to some problematic diseases. Ensure these spaces are kept clean and dry at all times, thus preventing the risk of many conditions that a lack of it will trigger.

Eating Healthy

Children need to eat healthy to keep boosting their somewhat fragile immunity system. Not only during the monsoons but generally, in all seasons, food habits and dietary practices that are healthy for the child is a must for parents to keep an eye on. Eating healthy includes plenty of natural fruits and vegetables, especially those that contain plenty of vitamins C and B12. These help in boosting the immunity in the child. Foods like lemon, oranges, broccoli, strawberries, dairy, eggs etc. are all excellent source for essential vitamins necessary for children.

Avoiding eating outside

As important as it is to consume healthy food, it is also imperative for parents to understand the hazards of eating out, especially during monsoons. It is not to say outside food is terrible at all times, but during the rainy season, there are risks involved and making a wrong choice of the food item from outside could trigger an unwanted disease, thus penetrating the child’s weak immunity system.

Eating Healthy

Use Mosquito repellents

Mosquitoes are the number one cause of many diseases including malaria and dengue. It may not be possible to tell if a particular breed of mosquitoes might be carrying around some of the unwanted bacteria that cause these diseases, but it is entirely in our hands to protect the child from a potential mosquito bite. Mosquito repellents are readily available, and parents can ensure their child is covered with it, especially while stepping outside.

Consume healthy, clean water

Water is the theme during monsoons for excitement, joy as well as diseases. Monsoons are responsible for many illnesses that are waterborne, and they get direct access to the child by way of unhealthy, unclean water consumption. What kind of water the child drinks is entirely in the hands of the parents, and thus ensuring each drop of water the child drinks is clean and pure is essential to avoid many diseases that could sideline the child for a long time.

Children and their health are a significant concern for parents. On one side, these diseases could sideline a child for a considerable amount of time, as well as be draining the parents of all their energies to caring for the child. It’s better to be [preventing at the beginning than caring for the child later. Use our tips mentioned above correctly and ensure a disease-free monsoon for your child.

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