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Think You Are Infertile? Check These Symptoms.

Symptoms of Infertility

All of us have goals. Good education, great jobs, and eventually a family of our own. This is where children come into the picture. Once married, for most people, having children is the next step in the relationship. In countries like India, much emphasis is laid on planning a family.

When people don’t have children for a long time, there are many concerns raised, both by immediate family and their social circle. That’s where there is an emotional turmoil – one of not being able to conceive, and two, of dealing with questions of concern being directed at them.

Eventually, these questions shift to take the form of jibes, and the emotional concerns drift into becoming serious medical concerns.

For some, it gradually stops when they have a baby, but for some, the reality is grim when they realise that they have infertility.

Infertility is a hindrance. Hindrance is an appropriate term for this situation as even if a woman cannot conceive a child or the man is not able to either, there are many treatments available to help them have their own child.

Infertility is the term given to a situation when a woman cannot get pregnant after having unprotected and regular sex for six months to a year depending on the age.

Even though there is no definite cause for infertility, there are symptoms for both men and women which need to be kept a check on.

The Symptoms of Infertility:

Infertility Symptoms in Women

The first and foremost symptom of infertility is not getting pregnant. Even though this concept is not all black and white, there are a few other factors which can be seen in men and women.

Symptoms in Women:

  • Abnormal periods.
  • Bleeding is heavier than usual.
  • Irregular periods where the number of days between each period varies every month.
  • No periods.
  • Painful Periods

Many a times it so happens that infertility may be due to a hormonal issue in women. In such a case, the symptoms are:

  • Skin changes, more acne
  • Changes in sex drive and desire
  • Dark hair growth on lips, chest and chin
  • Loss or thinning of hair
  • Weight gain.
  • A milky white discharge from nipples unrelated to breastfeeding.
  • Pain during sex.

Now, infertility is not only a woman’s problem. A man can suffer from infertility as well which eventually causes the woman not getting pregnant.

Symptoms of Infertility in Men include:

  • Changes in hair growth
  • Changes in sexual desire
  • Pain, lump or swelling in testicles.
  • Problems with erections and ejaculations.
  • Small, firm testicles.

Most of the symptoms of infertility are seen in men and women who are in the age of 35 and above. These symptoms of infertility should not be overlooked and immediate consultation with a reputed reproductive endocrinologist or gynecologist should be taken.

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