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Screening For Heart Defects In Young Athletes

Screening For Heart Defects In Young Athletes

As a parent, the only thing you want to understand is how to get your children off the phone or tablet screen, right? You encourage them to go out and play. You want them to run or the grass, jump and do everything that is normal for a  child to do.

You, of course, would be delighted of your child takes to sports. That’s the best way to exercise and be healthy and fit, wouldn’t you say?

But then, before making your child indulge in athletics or sports, you must access the condition of their health, in particular, their hearts. Teenage Athletes

Why Is That Important?

We come across a lot of cases of athletes collapsing on field, it is even heartbreaking when these athletes are young children who have learnt to channelise their energy by using it in athletics and sports. Many of these cases of collapsing are due to an unidentified, untreated health condition mostly related to the heart.

In many instances, people don’t find out about the condition until one day when the child is on the field, playing and suddenly loses consciousness.

What Is The Solution?

In recent times, it has been made a mandate to make he prospect candidates get a pre enrollment health check up done, under which, they are screened for conditions that could get aggravated or turn fatal because of the activity, be it a corporate job, an occupation that requires you to travel a lot, or a sport that you play professionally.

This blog draws attention towards the screening that needs to be done for heart defects in young athletes.

Even though it is very unlikely for a child to be born with a heart defect, there are a few who suffer from the condition and even fewer who, while suffering from it unknowingly, are passionate about sports and athletics. To let your child do what he/she is gifted with and what he/she is passionate about is what most parents desire for their child.

We, at Ankura, wish to help you make the right choices for your child if he/she wishes to pursue or is already doing great in athletics. Mentioned below are a few risk factors that you should keep in mind, before letting him/her completely indulge in it, to avoid any untoward situation. And if you come across something as a prospect threat, get a complete cardiac check up done at the earliest.


  1. Has there been a family history of premature or sudden death? If yes, you must get your child checked up.
  1. Has your child had a personal history of heart disease? You must get a thorough cardiac check up done to rule out the possibilities.
  1. If your child suffers from the symptoms mentioned below, it is advisable to get an ECG done immediately to understand what is going wrong inside your little one’s heart.
  • Fainting or near-fainting, particularly during exercise
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Chest pain or discomfort during exercise
  • Palpitations
  • Sudden acceleration or deceleration of heart rate

SCREENINGCardiac Screening for Young Athletes

It is very unlikely for a child with a heart defect or disease to be not showing signs or symptoms at an early stage itself, which is why it is recommended and has been made a mandate to get a pre sports check up done for cardiac issues, even before the child begins to exercise or practice to officially participate in athletics.

The most common screening done for cardiac issues not just in children but adults too, is the electrocardiogram test, or otherwise known by its abbreviation as ECG, it helps in ruling out not just issues with your child’s heart rate but other important factors too, that would help in diagnosing or detecting any abnormality in their heart. There are echo tests available as well, that help in figuring out what is wrong.

We at Ankura wish for our little patients to enjoy their childhood and make the most of it. We wish for them to pursue whatever they are passionate about and whatever their HEART desires for. Which is why we have an efficient team of doctors who specialise in treating all kinds of issues related to children, who put to use, their expertise to help children lead a happy healthy life.

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