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Preventing Premature Birth: Risks

Preventing Premature Birth

Pregnancy always brings with it a mixed bag of emotions. While there is extreme joy n being able to bring a mini-me into this world, there is also a lot of concern involved. What if something goes wrong?

Pregnancy is result of several things being in harmony. Naturally, if one of the elements is off, it would lead to complications. One such complication is preterm delivery.

A pregnancy ideally lasts for 40 weeks. If a child is born anytime before the end of 37th week, he or she is born prematurely.

Premature Birth

Preemies need intensive care. In more complicated cases, they might even lead to serious neurological issues and behavioural issues. This is why it is advised to not opt for an early delivery. However, let us understand that in most cases, no doctor will recommend you to take measures that assist in preventing premature birth.

But what happens if you go into early labour? More precisely, should you interfere if your back pains, cramps, jitters or other symptoms of labour start too early? Should you opt for preventing premature birth? The answer is mostly no? But why is there so much emphasis on not preventing premature birth? Because there are multiple risks involved,

What are the risks of preventing premature birth?

To understand that, first you have to know What Causes of Premature labour.

Smoking, malnutrition, obesity, alcohol consumption, etc. are some of the causes which might lead you towards an early labour. While these issues can be handled, if you do go into early labour or have the chance to, there are only a few options of preventing premature birth.

Smoking Alcohol for Causes of Premature Labour

There is a reason behind it. Risks of premature birth are high; higher are the risks of preventing premature birth. There are advanced medical technologies which can provide intensive care to a preemie. But preventing a premature birth will make it even more complicated – both for the mother and the child(ren).

Preventing Premature Birth Risk For the child:

Think about it this way: What if the reason for a pre-term labour is not a lifestyle choice? Let’s say the mother is very young or it’s a case of multiple births. As the baby grows inside, it will have less space to be in. The womb will get tighter for the baby as each day passes.

If the baby wants to come out, it’s because she is not comfortable inside anymore. The womb which was its haven until now is falling short. If you try to keep the baby inside despite that, it might affect his or her health and complicate his or her survival in the external world later.

Let‘s understand this: preventing premature birth might even lead to the death of the baby. On the other hand, even if the baby is born prematurely, a preemie can receive proper health care in a neonatal unit.

Preventing Premature Birth Risk For the mother: 

Even if preventing premature birth works for the child, it will definitely hurt the mother. If the issue is with a lack of space for the child, keeping the baby inside will cause the mother to experience immense pain. A pre-term labour might also occur due to the health issues of the mother like  high blood pressure, blood clotting disorders, preeclampsia, diabetes, or other infections. Clearly, the risks of preventing premature birth can rise to the level of fatality for the mother.

This is why for the safely of both the mother and the child, as long as it’s not fatal for the baby to be born, doctors will advise you to not stop a preterm delivery.

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