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Prenatal Care: Protection For Your Unborn Baby

Prenatal Care Care : Protection for Unborn Baby

Bringing a baby into this world is a matter of sheer joy, but it’s a big responsibility too. As a mother, you will be housing your baby inside you for the next nine months, so your mini tenant will require you to take care of it, even during pregnancy.

You want to be the best of parents, but sometimes may not know how to do it. Knowing how to take care of yourself, or for someone who is expecting a the baby is extremely important.

Sometimes, couples may feel a bit overwhelmed just by the thought of responsibilities of planning a family, before the baby is even born. That is absolutely natural, and not everyone is aware of what to do. After all, we are only human!

What is prenatal care?

Whether it is your first or second time expecting a baby, prenatal care during pregnancy should be your number one priority. Prenatal care ensures there are no health risks, which interfere with the baby’s growth and mother’s health.

Regular visits with the doctor help in understanding how to take care of the mother to be and track the progress of the developing baby. Minimal exercise, regular check-ups, a balanced diet, and healthy lifestyle changes, help in developing a healthy and strong baby.

What to expect and discuss during your prenatal first visit with the doctor

  • Discussing your entire health history any diseases, prior operations, or pregnancies is very important
  • A complete physical examination will also include a pelvic exam and a Pap smear test
  • Blood and urine tests
  • Blood pressure and weight tests
  • Calculating the due date, also helps prepare the parents to be

First prenatal visits help understand how to stay healthy the right way during pregnancy.

Here are a few developments

  • Checking and measuring the abdomen to analyze the baby’s growth
  • Measuring weight
  • Hearing your baby’s heartbeat
  • Checking blood pressure

Upcoming prenatal care visits during the second and third trimester, will help expectant parents learn their baby’s developments.

Benefits of prenatal care 

  • Avoids any health risks
  • Track the baby’s development and health
  • Learning how to take care of your unborn child
  • Ease any discomfort or pain
  • Regular visits help answer any concerns regarding the pregnancy

Incorporating sudden lifestyle changes to your daily regimes may take time, but can be made fun and personal at the same time. As the expectant mother is not just caring for herself, but for the baby too.

Here are a few lifestyle changes, which can be easily added to your daily regimes.

Healthy Pregnancy Diet

  1. Regular doctor checkups and scans are important to track the progress of the baby’s growth. Early prenatal care helps detect any health risks from occurring to the mother and baby.
  2. Walking for fifteen to twenty minutes every day is important for pregnant women. It helps in easing cramps, reducing any stress,  and gives the body minimal exercise.
  3. Balanced diets are very important as the mother is not eating for herself, but for the developing baby as well. Eating a variety of healthy and nutritious food items such as fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and proteins helps tremendously in the development of the baby.
  4. Being pregnant can wear many women out as their bodies are changing while the child is developing. Proper intake of prenatal vitamins  recommended by the doctor help in the development of the baby.
  5. Getting sufficient sleep for at least eight hours a day will help ease the tiredness. If you’re experiencing trouble trying to sleep due to any disturbances, consult your physician for advice.
  6. Taking proper rest and not overworking the body during pregnancy is very crucial, as this can cause weakness and tiredness.
  7. Avoid taking any medications or herbal remedies without consulting your doctor first.
  8. Keeping the body hydrated, with plenty of fluids. Eight to 10 glasses of water a day helps avoid dehydration from occurring.
  9. Avoid any intake of caffeine and artificial colouring.
  10. Avoid consuming any alcoholic beverages through the entire course of pregnancy.

Smoking or exposing yourself to secondhand smoke can be harmful for the baby.

Lifestyle changes just shouldn’t stop at being pregnant, and should be followed after giving birth as well.  After all, we all know that a healthy mom-to-be is the key to a strong baby.

Prenatal care helps parents make the best health choices for their growing baby, while promoting positive lifestyle changes for a growing family.

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