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Premature Baby Growth Chart

Premature Baby Growth Chart

Premature Baby Growth Chart

Having a baby often feels like a second inning of life. Your entire world revolves around your little one, and you’re extremely picky about what to do and what not to for you baby. Watching your child develop is the most fascinating thing about parenthood. But for some parents, the joy turns into a worry if the baby is born earlier than it should.

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All parents are concerned about their little ones hitting most milestones on time. And the first few months are all about waiting and watching. And because premature babies face greater health risks, you might worry more about whether your child will be able to do certain things on time, or they’ll be a bit delayed.

Although your baby will have to be under observation and care, your baby will still be as normal as you’re expecting. Here’s what you should know about premature baby growth and development.

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Factors that Influence Premature Baby Growth

Premature births can impact the way your child develops, and the earlier your child is born, the higher the risks are. So, it becomes important for you to keep an eye on your child’s growth pattern in a much more carefully. However, it’s about striking the right balance: every child’s development process is different, and the pace usually varies. Your baby’s development depends on a broad range of factors that include:

  • The environment
  • Genetic make-up
  • Culture, and influences around him

In a premature baby, the growth and development of motor skills is partly delayed due to certain treatments, such as being on a ventilator, and in rare cases if the baby is on some medication also. However, the growing awareness about premature births, the medical system has come up with techniques to reduce delayed milestones in premature baby growth patterns. Delayed milestones appear lesser among babies born with a birth weight of 1 to 1.5kg.

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Low Birth Weight

Premature Baby Growth

Although premature babies start small, they do manage to catch up as they grow older. However, better understanding about nutrition, and supplements available to support premature babies’ dietary needs, may contribute to the improvement in the premature baby’s development. Preterm babies grow and develop through early childhood and adulthood, which makes it difficult to know which of their traits are results of their premature birth.

Understanding your Premature Baby’s Growth

A Personal Child Health Record, which tracks your baby’s growth is usually given to parents who have a premature baby. The record includes premature baby growth charts to help you plot your baby’s growth, and have a comparative check with the average growth for their age. The growth chart includes a lot of factors that determine the baby’s growth mentally and physically.

  • Babies born before 32 weeks come in the low birth weight chart.
  • Babies born at 32 to 37 weeks are fall in the preterm chart.

How does the Premature baby growth chart work?

The progress in a baby’s growth is measured in “centiles”. This is because they are measured according to the average percentages. The curves on the chart represent the progress of the baby in terms of weight. Charts for baby boys and baby girls are also different. The most important thing to be checked on a baby’s growth chart is the centiles of the height and weight. These centiles must be similar. If there is a significant difference in the centiles, then it might indicate that your baby might be either underweight or overweight. Your neonatologist might make changes and adjustments in your baby’s feeding regime.

Well you all know it isn’t easy to cope with having a premature baby. It’s a difficult to manage a lot of things if your baby is born with extremely fragile health conditions. But it still has a hope factor attached. With a premature baby growth chart, you can track your baby’s development help it get better, faster, and happier!

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