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Pre Conceptional Counselling An Overview

Pre Conceptional Counselling

What if I told you that there is a way to know about the complications, confusions and doubts of pregnancy before pregnancy itself?

By definition, preconceptual counselling is a set of interventions that aim to identify biomedical, behavioural and social risks to a woman’s health or pregnancy outcome through prevention and management.

The main objective of this session is to ensure that women enters pregnancy in an optimal state of health which would be safe for both mother and the baby.  Recent research show that around 38% of pregnancies in the world are unplanned and unintended and in India the percentage is greater than 50%. Since these pregnancies or even the idea of having a baby is not spoken about with a gynecologist, a family doctor or even a pediatrician, the parents do not have an idea of what can be the complications of birth, pregnancy and even post birth for that matter. In India most of the parents go to doctors with their doubts once they are already pregnant.

Why Preconceptional Counselling?

Preconceptional Counselling needs to be a thumb rule which is necessary for every couple to take so that without this, as even now adverse pregnancy outcomes remains a prevalent health problem. For example, around 12% of babies are born premature and eight percent are born underweight. Adding to this, around three percent of babies are born with birth defects and around 31% of women giving birth suffer from complications due to pregnancy.  Apart from what statistics show, risk factors for adverse pregnancy outcomes remain prevalent among women of reproductive age.  Conditions and habits such as smoking, drugs, obesity, diabetes and also diets all contribute to complicated pregnancy and affect the health of the child as well.

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What is the procedure of Preconceptional Counselling?

First and foremost part of the procedure includes the couple going to their doctor or a pediatrician or even a gynecologist to know about the complications and other detailed information before they try for a baby.  The next step of the session would be giving a detailed history of the family and also getting various tests and screenings done so that the doctor knows if there is a complication, where and how can it be rectified.

The list of screenings are:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Medical History – Asthma, Epilepsy, Thyroid problems, Kidney diseases etc
  • Abdominal and Pelvic Examination
  • Rubella Screening
  • Varicella Screening
  • Domestic Violence Screening
  • Chlamydia Screening

Apart from these screenings, a detailed Family History report is made so that family medical disorders and genetic disorders can be identified and rectified as well. The benefits of providing a detailed family history also helps in:

  • To avoid teratogenic drugs
  • Prepares and reinforces parents for parenting
  • It also promotes family planning.

Screening and treatment of other infections:

  • HIV
  • STD’s
  • Specific individual diseases – Chronic Diseases, Medications and also addictions.

To conclude, the more number of people who are exposed to this concept, the more complications and issues can be prevented. Everyone likes a smooth process for everything in life. Bringing a little one in the world should be a happy process. From the start to the end. The only way any complications can be avoided and prevented is by checking with an expert doctor and getting answers to all your doubts.

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