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Post-Operative Care After Hypospadias Repair

Post-Operative Care After Hypospadias

It must have been difficult for you when you came to know that your son had a birth defect. For any parent, the news of a birth defect in their child brings about  immense anxiety.

One such birth defect is hypospadias. Hypospadias is a defect where the opening of the urethra through which he urinates, is located not at the tip of his penis but elsewhere. If left untreated, they can cause other complications later. But luckily, it is not a very uncommon condition and medical science has advanced ways to fix this congenital condition. Once you doctor discharges your child after the hypospadias repair surgery, your role in the post-surgery care becomes vital.

Different types of Hypospadias in children

Here is what you need to do.

Catheter care:

After the hypospadias repair surgery

After the hypospadias repair surgery, your child might be discharged with a thin tube called catheter. The catheter will drain into the diaper. You will see urine and small spots of blood in the diaper. Urine can leak through or around the catheter. This is normal. But if there is no leakage at all, call for help; there might be a blockage. If the blood is more than small spot, you need to get medical attention.

Depending on your child’s unique case and his hypospadias repair surgery, he will need to wear the catheter for a week or two.

Check for fever, pain, and infection:

Check for fever

Keep a record of your child’s body temperature. Elevated temperature might signify that the hypospadias repair surgery  area is getting some kind of infection. Check the area for any visual sign of infection. A little bit of swelling is expected after the hypospadias repair surgery. However, you need to keep and eye out for any painful experience your child might be going through.

For example, if too much urine is leaking from around the tube, it means that he is suffering from bladder spasms. While these spasms after a hypospadias repair surgery are not bad for health, it can be painful for some children. Talk to your doctor to reduce the spasms or help your child with prescribed painkillers.

Bathing and cleaning:

After a hypospadias repair surgery - Bathing and cleaning

After a hypospadias repair surgery, change the diaper as often as required. Avoid bathing your child as long as the catheter is there. Instead, give him a sponge bath while avoiding the area of dressing. If your child had loose bowel movement, wipe his stool carefully so that it does not touch his penis. The best is to use soapy water to wipe away from the penis and towards the rectum. Get in touch with the doctor if stool touches the hypospadias repair surgery area. Once the catheter dressing is off, you can bathe your child, but do not scrub the penis. Soak it in water and pat dary. Do not apply any powder or ointment without a doctor’s approval.

Medicine and Diet:

After a hypospadias repair surgery - Medicine and Diet

Generally there are no diet restriction after a hypospadias repair surgery. Your child can have normal diet with lots of fluids. Be mindful about the medicines. Do not give the medicines in an empty stomach unless specifically mentioned. Be very regular with the antibiotics. The supplementary medicines like spasm control medicines, painkillers etc. will reduce the discomfort for your child.

Follow up:

After a hypospadias repair surgery - Doctor Follow Up

One very important aspect after a surgery is follow up. For an infant, it is crucial that you follow up after the hypospadias repair surgery with the doctor as often as he seems fit. Typically, two follow ups are required. One, after approximately a week when the doctor removes the catheter and the stent. Two, after three months to see if everything is functioning normally.

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Do not hesitate to ask the doctor for clarification if you have any doubts.

The earlier a hypospadias repair surgery is done, the better results it yields. Do not be hesitant to go through the correction surgery just because it’s a ‘surgery’. It can help a lot in making your son’s life better.

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