Paediatric surgery is a specialised disciplined stream of medicine that deals with surgery of infants, children, adolescents and young adults.

Pediatric Surgery Hospital in HyderabadPaediatric surgery is of utmost importance when there is an emergency that requires the immediate attention of the doctors. Till a few decades ago, general surgeons used to treat children as well, as nobody saw the need for specific processes for children.

However, paediatric surgery has risen in importance in the last few decades, as doctors and hospitals around the world have begun to realise that children cannot be treated in the same way as adults.

Ankura Children’s Hospitals has a team of well-experienced doctors who cater to the specific needs of your child. Our hospital staff comprises a team of highly qualified physicians who specialise in paediatric surgery, which has some marked differences when compared to surgeons who practice on grown-ups. Whether it is neonatal surgery or any other complication that might arise, our team of doctors and nursing staff are equipped and trained to handle it with precision and accuracy.

Paediatric surgery is of the greatest importance in the case of congenital malformations or any other complications that might arise after the child birth. Paediatric surgery requires highly-skilled surgeons and years of careful training.

Children have specific needs, and they cannot be expected to behave in the calm and composed manner that us adults do. They are not always able to adequately communicate their problems and fears. Children are not able to answer medical questions accurately and patiently. Also, the presence of a stranger in the room in the form of the doctor, sometimes makes them uncomfortable and tensed. These factors make it crucial for paediatric surgeons to treat children in a way that they are relaxed and joyful.

We offer world-class services as our paediatric surgeons are experienced in minimally invasive paediatric surgeries using high-quality laparoscopes and cameras which would leave very less pain compared to traditional surgeries.

Ankura Children’s Hospital has gone an extra mile to put your child at ease. Right from the interiors of the hospital that are bright and colourful, to the waiting and examining rooms that house toys and colourful posters, our doctors are specialists in putting your child at ease.

Our nursing staff is also trained to be as kind and affectionate so that children do not face any uncomfortable situation anywhere in the entire process. At Ankura Children’s Hospital, our team of paediatric surgeons also make use of equipment and procedures that are customised to treat children individually.

As parents, you can leave it to our team of doctors and paediatric surgeons to handle the crisis, and while we believe in updating you of each and every detail, we ensure children are constantly smiling and happy throughout the process.

Ask any of the thousands of children who have walked out of Ankura Children’s Hospital, and their memories are of the colourful toys, posters, and friendly ‘uncles’ and ‘aunties’ at the hospital!