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Ankura Hospitals is The leading center for Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgery

The domain of medical science has always advanced hand-in-hand with advances in other fields. The vast developments in the fields of science and technology has been complementary to medical sciences, as the medical fraternity was able to make use of these advancements.

As a modern, 21st century medical organisation, Ankura Hospital for Women and Children takes immense pride in being constantly updated with the times. Using state-of-the-art modern medical and technological techniques and equipments, we ensure that we are always ahead of the curve.

For many years, the word ‘surgery’ would induce fear and pain in the minds of patients, and their families. The word ‘surgery’ was generally associated with a doctor using a knife and scalpel and cutting open the part of the body that needed to be operated upon. In fact, most ‘doctor jokes’ revolve around doctors mistakenly leaving scissors inside the patient’s body. However, even such jokes could not alleviate the fear in the minds of the patients. However, these jokes must have originated in the past. Since the mid-90s, laparoscopic surgery have replaced traditional surgeries where the surgeons had to wield a knife and scalpel to perform a surgery. In fact, we at Ankura Hospital for Women and Children are immensely proud to be one of the leading pediatric laparoscopic surgery specialists in Telangana & India.

Laparoscopic surgery, also known by the name ‘minimally invasive surgery’ is a modern, technological surgery technique in which minute incisions are made elsewhere in the body. The traditional way of cutting open the body for surgery is completely replaced by extremely thin instruments, and using video technology to perform the entire surgery.

Laparoscopy assumes all the more importance when it comes to children, as they are less prepared to handle a traditional surgery when compared to adults. Since children face issues like distractions, nervousness and fear of strangers, a minimally invasive surgery is the ideal choice for intricate cases pertaining to children. What makes Ankura Hospital for Women and Children the leading pediatric laparoscopic specialist in Hyderabad is our vast team of experts who bring in with them decades of experience using the latest state-of-the-art technology and techniques.

Pediatric laparoscopy is recommended by doctors due to the many advantages that come with this modern medical technique. The entire process is painless since there is no cutting open or blood involved in the entire process. The minute incisions made are mostly a maximum of 5 millimeters, and most often are even smaller. This drastically minimises the chance of your child experiencing haemorrhage during or after the surgery. Laparoscopy also vastly reduces the time needed for your child to recover. Moreover, there are no scars in the operation, since the minimal incisions are made elsewhere in the body. Which means that your child need not go through the pain and trauma of a traditional surgery.

Ankura hospitals is ideally suited for pediatric laparoscopic surgery for 2 reasons; the availability of the best pediatric laparoscopic surgeons in the country, and the state-of-the-art laparoscopic equipment that we boast of. Our Chief Surgeon, Dr VVS Chandrasekharam, is India’s leading expert in pediatric laparoscopic surgery. He has performed some of the largest numbers of complex laparoscopic surgeries in children, and has published many original techniques and innovations in pediatric laparoscopic surgery.

Whether it is our team of highly experienced doctors who bring in decades of experience, or our nursing staff who have been specially trained to handle children and their stress, our bright and colourful interiors designed with a thought of keeping your child at ease, all our efforts revolve around your child’s carefree smiles and laughter.

The Main Advantages of MIS are:
1. Magnified view during surgery, for more accurate surgery (especially in children)
2. Minimal postoperative painless
3. Early recovery, early feeding
4. Early return to full activity and early discharge
5. Excellent cosmesis with very minimal scar
6. Reduced chance of wound complications like infection and wound breakdown
7. Lesser postoperative adhesions
8. Lesser long-term psychological issues associated with scar

We specialise in the following Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgeries:

Ureteric reimplantation,
Choledochal Cyst Repair
Repair of Diaphragmatic Hernia & Eventration
VATS, etc

For most of these Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgeries there are very few centers in the entire country that perform these kinds of laparoscopic operations routinely, and we have the largest experience with some of these laparoscopic operations.