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Newborn Screenings: The Best Gift For Your Baby

Newborn Screenings Test

Have you ever seen the looks on new parents’ face when someone attempts to ‘handle’ their newborn bundle? It’s full of doubt and worry. That’s because they are teeny tiny, extremely sensitive and vulnerable. Obviously, nobody wants anything to bother the wailing little object of everybody’s fancy.

Therefore, it’s an absolute no-brainer that no parent would like the sight of their newborn crying in pain from the tiniest of pricks. But, what if that little prick can save your baby’s life?

Many babies can appear healthy visually, but might not be very healthy actually. Techniques and technology have evolved so much, over the years, that they can detect early health risks for newborns through newborn screenings. Detecting early health risks, help learn the newborn’s health and avoids any health conditions from occurring in the future.

Look at what are the health conditions that impact a newborn baby.

Health Conditions Chart Newborn Baby

What happens during a newborn screening test? 

Screening tests are efficient and simple, and most importantly won’t cause any harm to your baby. Therefore, newborn screening tests are very beneficial for babies in general, especially, for the ones with a health problem or disorder. This helps save unwanted pain for the baby and the family and gives them a head start for treatment to begin at an early stage.

Newborn screenings help in detecting any health risks or disorders, which infants can face while they are still developing. Screenings are generally done after 24 hours from birth time. The number of disorders being tested vary according to the country and state you reside in, as every country follows different set of health rules and regulations.

Here are a newborn screenings that are generally done:

Physical examination

Soon after the baby is born the baby’s eyes, hips and heart are checked for any abnormalities for any further tests or treatment. Physical examination is performed within 72 hours of the baby’s birth and done again at six to eight weeks of age, as conditions may take some time to develop.

Newborn hearing test 

The hearing screening test is done to measure the baby’s response and reflexes to sound. Test is normally done in the hospital or can be performed by another medical professional within the first few weeks after birth.

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Newborn blood spot test

The baby’s heel is pricked to draw few drops of blood are collected on a filter paper card, which are tested for any health risks. Screening looks for any inherited disorders, which can affect the baby’s health in the future.

Skin test

A skin test is also performed to measure the oxygen level in the blood, which indicates whether the baby has a congenital heart defect.

Benefits of a newborn screening test

  • Detect any health problems or disorders early
  • Avoid any health problems
  • Early treatment can be given to infants for any health disorders
  •  Improve infant and family’s quality of life

Tests and timely visits to the pediatrician, help in tracking the progress of treatment and the baby’s health as the baby is developing. Newborn screenings help in avoiding any health risks and improve the quality of life for the baby and the parents.

Some of these health conditions can cause lifelong problems, if newborn screenings are neglected after birth.These tests give the parents the opportunity to treat their baby for any health conditions or risks. With early diagnosis, treatment can begin, before any of these problems become permanent. Opting for a simple newborn screening can help avoid many unwanted problems for your baby.

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