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Kidney Diseases in Children

Kidney Diseases in Children

Is your child refusing to eat food, saying that he or she feels like vomiting?

You’d probably ignore that thinking it’s one of their tricks to avoid eating food that they dislike.

Does your child visit the washroom very frequently?

You’d get annoyed thinking that they are simply trying to waste time.

But then, sometimes, you should be careful when your child is exhibiting this kind of a behaviour, because it could be hiding a kidney disorder.

kidney disorder

Sadly, because the symptoms of kidney diseases are overlooked to a great extent, diagnosis gets delayed and by the time it is diagnosed, most of the damage is done.

According to stats, in most cases the kidneys have already lost 80% of their function by the time correct diagnosis happens.

If they are not treated in time, kidney diseases can result in total renal failure which is irreversible. Once the kidneys stop functioning, it will affect the other organs of the body especially the heart. It is essential and important that if you see your child having these symptoms, visit us at Ankura hospitals or book an appointment with us so we can help you save your child’s kidneys.

Symptoms of a Chronic Kidney Disease :

  • One of the first symptoms of a chronic kidney disease is the swelling of the hands in children. The swelling may range from mild to severe, depending upon the degree of damage which has been caused to the kidney.
  • Variation in the frequency of urination is another indication of kidney disease. Also, in severe cases of an acute chronic kidney disease in children, there might be urination by children affected during the sleep.
  • Often, there are traces of blood found in the urine and sometimes the colour of the urine might be yellow in color,  which might indicate the kidney is deteriorating.
  • High blood pressure
  • Nausea and headache due to high blood pressure is one of the primary conditions prevalent in a chronic kidney disease.
  • Children who are in growing might face stunted growth, due to a chronic kidney disease. 
  • Frequent fevers and flu resulting in high temperature and fatigue.Irritability and poor concentration. 

Symptoms of a Chronic Kidney Disease

Families with a history of kidney problems might have children in the generations to come, who have kidney ailments. Sometimes, a chronic kidney failure is hereditary and they must be given treatment at the earliest. 

Diagnosis for Chronic Kidney Disease :

The diagnosis of chronic kidney disease is very important, done through various tests as follows:

  • Urine Tests: The urine tests are very important to find out about the cause for the chronic kidney disease.
  • Blood tests : Blood tests are done to give information about urea and creatine, which is naturally produced by the body.
  • Ultrasound: The Ultrasound machine is devised to take the inner pictures of the stomach using sound navigation waves. This helps in understanding the problem in the kidneys. 
  • Kidney Sample: This is a form of detecting the cause for a chronic kidney disease . A piece of the kidney is taken only in the most extreme cases to understand the problem and whether there are traces of any other diseases.

Diagnosis for Chronic Kidney Disease

Treatments for Chronic Kidney Diseases

Medication for High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure can take a serious toll on the health, which might have many far fetched implications like reducing electrolyte count and jeopardizing the kidney functions.Administering Cholesterol: Doctors may prescribe medicines called as statins to lower cholesterol, harmful for the kidneys. Besides, it is one of the agents which cause an increase in blood pressure. 

Consumption of lower proteins: The kidneys play a role of filtering excess minerals and proteins from the body after people consume food. Hence, it becomes difficult for the kidneys to process complex proteins, if taken in huge quantities. Doctors advise patients to consume food  which has low levels of protein.

If your child has a kidney disorder, do not ignore it. Visit us at Ankura Hospitals or even book an appointment with our expert doctors to diagnose and treat kidney diseases before it’s too late.

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