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How fast is your baby growing inside your womb?

Baby Growth In Womb

Congratulations! You’re Pregnant!

Isn’t this greeting is the most exciting one for every woman? Indeed it is. Pregnancy is a journey that takes you through many unseen phases of life, emotional fluctuations and unusual food cravings. And the funniest part of the entire pregnancy period is you become the baby yourself. I’m sure most of you reading this blog can relate to this very well. So understanding pregnancy is an important aspect which helps in balancing all the emotional and physical changes that your body goes through.

To have an overview

Baby Growth Week By Week

A typical pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks and is divided into three stages, called trimesters, consisting of three months each. The first trimester is 0-12 weeks, the second is 13-27 weeks, and the third is 28-40 weeks.

First Trimester

First Trimester : Stages of Fetal Development

From a fertilised egg to a garlic bulb sized baby, your little munchkin goes through amazing changes during the early weeks in your womb. The baby starts to take shape in week five and the umbilical cord forms, which connects your baby to your blood supply. Tiny limb buds start to grow, and now, your baby takes the shape of a coffee bean.

Second Trimester

Second Trimester : Stages of Fetal Development

In the second trimester, your baby is almost the size of a strawberry. Its tiny nose and limbs are well formed. The heart, lungs and other major organs have almost formed. As the baby grows, its nervous system is rapidly maturing. The baby’s nerves are connecting the brain to the rest of the body, and the soft cartilages begin to harden into bones. Your baby’s sensory development picks up speed, and he/she might be able to hear your heartbeat and voices at this stage. So read aloud or sing to your baby!

Third Trimester

Third Trimester : Stages of Fetal Development

You and your baby have now begun your third trimester together. At 28 weeks, your baby weighs almost two pounds. The baby’s skeleton is hardening, and the bones in its head have not yet fused together which will slowly form. Billions of nerves develop in your baby’s brain creating central connections that will help the baby connect with inside and outside of your womb. Your little one can open your eyes and see the light that filters through your womb. By week 37 your baby weighs almost 6 pounds and is considered full term. The munchkin turns with its head resting downward to your pelvic area, ready to greet the world.

While you see many changes during the three trimesters, you must be prepared for a lot more growing of your baby, and it is going to be the most exciting phase of your life. So happy pregnancy, and congratulations again!

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