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How can we optimise outcomes for our premature babies

How can we optimise outcomes for our premature babies

Giving birth is perhaps one of the most beautiful feelings for a couple. While it brings in a lot of joy, it also adds to your responsibilities.

Baby In Womb

Now, there are multiple factors that determine how and when your baby will be born and unfortunately, most of the times, there’s very little that you can do. In the event that your baby is born much before the due date, it’s a case of premature birth.

We are sure that you have done your research, which is why you’d understand that premature births bring in a lot of potential complications, especially for the baby.

Now if your baby is born before the actual date of delivery, they would require more attention and intensive care as in most cases, the overall physical and mental developments of your baby might not have been complete.

Premature Baby

However, there is nothing to worry. With the support of your able doctors, you can ensure good health for your new bundle of joy.

How can that be done?

Now there are many areas which need to be concentrated upon.

Developmental Care:

The first and foremost aspect which requires a lot of attention is the developmental care of the baby. Due to being premature, the baby’s legs or hands may not be completely developed which can hamper movement at a later stage, hence it is essential to consult your doctor and make sure appropriate and timely developmental care is given to the baby.

You as parents need to accept, understand and finally work towards the development of your baby. You and your doctors will need to work together to understand the needs of your baby.

The environment also plays a very important role in the development of the baby.


Another important aspect for the caring of a premature baby is positioning. It is essential that you always promote flexion, physiologically. Flexion is when the hips of the baby are symmetrical to the knees, the head is in line with the body and the arms are flexed and forward.

Sleep Positioning

Environmental Needs:

Modification of environment is essential when it comes to taking appropriate measures to make it comfortable for the baby.

  • Light
  • Continuous interventions
  • Noise
  • Temperature

These are few factors which need to be tweaked in such a way to make your baby stable and comfortable as well. Anything which contributes to excessive stress for the baby should be stopped or reduced.

Positive Handling of the Baby:

The touch and physical contact between you and the baby is very very important. However, if he or she is premature, physical contact is essential, with a few modifications.

Any kind of therapeutic contact such as stroking or massaging your baby gently helps a lot to make your baby comfortable. Along with that, when you lie down and your baby is lying down on your body(commonly called Kangaroo care) as it is skin to skin contact, it is effective and essential too.

Gentle Care of Baby

Pain and Stress Management:

And finally, there is pain and stress management. When it comes to babies, their immunity is less, it is even lesser when it comes to premature babies.

Premature babies are no different when it comes to love and affection. They just require more care and comfort compared to other babies. It is always better to keep your doctor in the loop at all times so as to understand exactly what your baby needs and wants to ensure his or her better future. And a healthy one.

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