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High Risk Clinics for Newborn

High Risk Clinics for Newborn‘High Risk’ in this case refers to children who went through neonatal complications, and these could be due to premature delivery, low birth weight, or any other problem that arose during childbirth. High Risk clinics provide continuous developmental, behavioral and growth assessment, and follow-up for infants who were born with high-risk.
In most cases, a neonatal complication, or a childbirth that took place at the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) leads to a few complications as the child embarks on the growth phase. Continuous and detailed evaluation is needed to ensure that your child grows and develops into a healthy and happy child. Guidance and reference, whenever required, will help your infant reach his/her full potential physically and mentally. Earlier diagnosis and intervention can prevent further complications which might arise as the child grows into an adult.
‘High Risk’ babies often take a little longer to reach full health due to early complications at childbirth, and this requires effort by the parents and family, who need to be made fully aware of the different precautions, interventional steps, and regular check-ups in the best interests of the baby.
At times, our specialists counsel the parents and family about the precautions to be taken while dealing with a ‘high-risk’ infant. It is important that the family and relatives are made aware, so that they can contribute fully towards the wholesome and holistic development of the child.
Ankura Women’s and Children’s Hospital houses a team of expert pediatricians, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, Audiologists, ophthalmologists and dietician, as well as neonatal experts who combine their experience and knowledge to provide the best of modern medical processes for your child.
We also provide continuous assessment, as we believe that our relationship with you does not end only with a successful childbirth, but goes on, till your child grows up into a healthy adult. Since ‘high-risk’ infants are at various risks through their growing phase, it is important that regular consultation and remedial measures are put in place so that the child can experience holistic development of the mind and body.
Instead of a single, unidirectional approach, we at Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital believe in a multi-disciplinary approach in treating ailments related to your little ones. We bring together the best of the available options at our disposal, and choose the most wholesome technique to ensure that your child faces no repercussions of a complicated neonatal childbirth.