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Here is what our Maternal – Fetal Medicine Specialist has to say

Fetal Medicine Specialist

When you know that there’s a life inside of you, you’re overjoyed, aren’t you? You’re probably a bit puzzled and wonder how to react. For most of you who are first timers, you might think whether you are really so powerful to give life, or if you are physically strong enough to carry a life in your tummy for nine months. Your feelings seem like a fusion of confusion and joy.

How to know how well your baby is growing?

There’s much more you can know about that tiny little egg growing into being the apple of your eye. About a few years back, it was quite difficult to know about the happenings inside. But times have changed now, with more advancements in the field of medicine, with “maternal fetal medicine experts”.

So who are maternal fetal medicine experts, and what do they do? 

What comes to your mind when you think of a maternal fetal medicine expert? Is it someone who gives medicine to the foetus to grow well?

No. Not really.

Let’s know it all from the expert’s perspective.

maternal fetal medicine expert

A maternal fetal medicine expert is an obstetrician and gynaecologist who takes care of women and their pregnancies, from the time they decide to get pregnant. They undergo extensive and specialized training in managing high risk pregnancies. They are in fact, a part of a team of medical professionals including an obstetrician and a midwife or family physician, who work together to help you get comprehensive care during the nine months of your pregnancy.

A fetal medicine expert also recommends tests to monitor your health and the baby’s growth pattern inside, as a help to your obstetrician in providing you the care that is required.

Here’s what a maternal fetal medicine specialist has to say about some frequently asked questions. It might help you know when you need to get your appointment, and why.

How does a maternal fetal medicine specialist help before pregnancy?

A fetal medicine specialist is trained to recommend possible treatments for a woman who needs treatments for certain medical complications before her pregnancy. However, a fetal medicine specialist also takes care during pregnancy, especially if the would be mom has any medical or surgical complications. There are also instances where a maternal fetal medicine expert might have to step in, if there’s a sudden complication during the delivery or immediately after the delivery.

What does the additional training of fetal medicine include?

A maternal fetal medicine specialist undergoes an extra three years of training after obtaining a degree in obstetrics. In the three years of fetal medicine training, they learn how to manage and treat medical and surgical complications in pregnancies.

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What is the difference between a general obstetrician and a maternal fetal medicine specialist?

A general obstetrician takes care of the routine pregnancies from the early stages, to the delivery. As for a fetal medicine specialist, they are usually consulted if there is an issue prior to your pregnancy, during your pregnancy, during delivery, and if there are any unexpected complications that occur after your delivery. They are also consulted when the baby has an anomaly that’s detected, to help in handling the pregnancy with a higher level of monitoring.

Are high-risk pregnancy obstetricians and maternal fetal medicine specialists the same?

A maternal fetal medicine expert, a perinatal specialist, and a high-risk pregnancy obstetrician are all one and the same. All high-risk pregnancy obstetricians are board certified in maternal fetal medicine.

What issues and high-risk pregnancies do fetal medicine specialists treat?

A maternal fetal medicine expert is involved in treating a wide gamut of high-risk pregnancies. They step in if there are any fetal complications that are noted during ultrasound scans, such as a heart anomaly, and help in the care of continuing the pregnancy and also the planning for delivery. They cater to the complications that arise due to the mother’s medical history like diabetes and hypertension.

What kind of tests and diagnosis do maternal fetal medicine experts perform?

Tests and Diagnosis

There are a wide variety of procedures, and tests that fetal medicine specialists carry out. The majority of these procedures include:

  • Prenatal diagnosis
  • Basic Ultrasounds
  • High level targeted ultrasounds to detect anomalies
  • Fetal cardiography

So, while general obstetricians are totally into guiding you through a normal pregnancy, fetal medicine experts can be of great help in guiding you through many unnoticed issues that can possibly come in your way. They work with all those who are involved in pregnancy care and delivery to help the new entrant land safely. If you have doubts regarding any health conditions that might cause problems for your pregnancy, our team of maternal fetal medicine experts at Ankura Hospital are just a call away!

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