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Here Are The Types Of Autism You Need To Know!

Here Are The Types Of Autism You Need To Know!

When you are a new parent, all you want to do is love your child with all you have and beyond.

This is not the time when you want to hear a word like ‘autism’.



It is a word that might replace the joy of motherhood with a cloud of anxiety. For one, whenever the doctor talks about a probable health condition in your child, you always start thinking about the worst case scenario. And for two, autism is not a very ‘daily use’ word. Most of what you know about autism probably comes from a movie you might have seen or from the word of mouth.

Not to imply that autism is a trifling issue, but before you panic shouldn’t you get to know a little bit more about the condition? Let’s start with the basics then.

What Is Autism In Children?

Autism is a neurological abnormality. A genetic component is the most prominent cause of autism in children in most recorded cases. This means, if you or any of your close relatives has a history of autism in children, your child runs a higher risk of being affected by autism. But don’t feel surprised if your child is diagnosed with autism ‘out of the blue’. Sometimes, autism in children can be a congenital defect as well, i.e. the condition develops while the baby is in the mother’s womb.

Autism In Children

Autism in children can manifest through a wide range of symptoms. This is why, autism is also known as  autism spectrum disorder. Based on the diversity of symptoms, autism in children is categorised in various types.

Autism In Children

As already mentioned, autism can show a wide spectrum of symptoms in the form of impairments. The severity of the impairment also varies so much from child to child that while some children can manage the symptoms easily, some suffer from serious disability or have to lead an assistive life. Again, some children show symptoms at birth while others might take up to 3 years. It’s uncommon but some children do not show symptoms until the environment around them becomes stressful beyond their capabilities.

Based on the different symptoms, autism in children is categorised in different types.

Types Of Autism In Children

  • Autistic Disorder: Autistic disorder is the most commonly known strata of autism. Children suffering from autistic disorder suffer from difficulty in communication, social behaviour. They initiate the use of language at an advanced age. They also develop other unusual or compulsive behaviour. Autistic disorder is also known as the ‘classic’ autism in children.
  • Asperger’s syndrome:If your child has asperger’s syndrome, she or he will usually not have any difficulties in language acquisition or use. Her or his cognitive ability will also stay unharmed. She or he will only have difficulties in social situations. They will tend to abstain from social interactions. Sometimes, they might also develop an unusual, compulsive behaviour.
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder: This is more of a level of severity of autism in children than being a type itself. The level of challenge for the child suffering from pervasive developmental disorder lies somewhere in between asperger’s syndrome and autistic disorder. This term is also used an an umbrella term – to include those cases which do not fit in any other category.
  • Childhood Disintegrative Disorder: Childhood disintegrative disorder is not only the most rare condition of autism in children but also the most serious one. In this case, you have a perfectly healthy baby for 2 years. She or he develops language, communication and behavioural skills just like any other child. But then the symptoms of this condition start showing up impairing and degenerating all those skills. It can happen in any time between 2 – 4 years. Some children also suffer from seizures.

Symptoms of Autism

Autism is purely genetic, unless it is congenital (which is influence by the mother’s lifestyle choices also). There is no data that can show its relation to any race, ethnicity, economic or social class. Autism is can not be acquired later in life in any form. But if your child has autism or is showing symptoms of autism, visit your doctor immediately.

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