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Five Things To Know During The First Month Of Your Pregnancy

First Month Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and life-changing phases of womanhood. That feeling when you know there is a tiny little baby growing within you is simply astounding! All those dreams you had about holding a baby of your own in your arms, have finally come true – you are now pregnant!!

Getting pregnant is an absolute wonder in itself. However, knowing how to take care during the first month of pregnancy is of equal importance. If this is your first pregnancy, you need to take extra caution as there are high chances that things may not be in your favour if you are not careful.

Here are top 5 things to understand during the first month

When do I book an appointment?

This should be your first step once you learn about your pregnancy. I know you will be excited, anxious and might want to pose several questions. But relax, take a deep breath and take it easy. First, pay attention to what the doctor wants to know, such as your medical history, your vitals, previous surgeries (if any), etc.

What does my first appointment include?

You might have to undergo an internal examination or an ultrasound just to get some facts right. So, fret not! Here’s what your doctor may check –

  • Your family history, any previous pregnancies or miscarriages, your lifestyle
  • Your vitals including your blood pressure, urine examination, pap smear tests
  • Check your height, weight and other details
  • Talk you through a series of antenatal screening tests

What do I eat? 

Food To Eat During Pregnancy

You can read this again and again if you want – you must eat a healthy and balanced diet. You must follow this basic rule, not only in the first month, but throughout your prenatal period. It is the best thing you can do for your growing baby and you. You might want to be extra cautions about eating some foods like eggs, meat and fish. Why? Because, you might suffer an infection if they are not completely cooked!

Healthy foods to eat during first month of pregnancy –

  • Dairy Products
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Lean Meat
  • Whole Grains
  • Plenty of water

Important Tip: Make sure you consume foods that are rich in iron, calcium and proteins.

What supplements should I take?

Taking supplements, what they call as prenatal vitamins, are very important. This is to ensure there is surplus quantity of nutrients, minerals and vitamins to support and address the nutritional requirements of your developing baby.  You could start off with folic acid and vitamin D as they are crucial for your baby’s development. Your doctor will give you a list of vitamins to take during your first and subsequent appointments.

Important Tip: Always remember – nothing beats passing on all those nutrients in the most natural way possible. How? By consuming actual nourishing natural foods!

How do I deal with nausea?

You are vomiting whatever goes down your mouth, even plain water! Your trips to the bathroom have doubled or tripled than usual – and it’s mostly because you are throwing up! Sounds familiar? If yes, do not worry – this is what they call, ‘morning sickness’. In your case, this jargon may seem ironic, as you seem to be vomiting almost 24/7.

Are you heartbroken about not being able to eat? Don’t be! Every 9 out of 10 pregnant women go through this. This generally lasts for the first three of pregnancy and subsides later.

How can I avoid and cope with nausea?

It is difficult to avoid nausea during pregnancy. But, you can definitely cope with it and feel less anxious about it. Here are some helpful tips –

Eat small meals. Eat often. Stick to plain and easily digestible foods such as rice, potatoes, pasta, etc. These are actually light on the stomach and might do the trick in controlling vomiting during pregnancy.

Try to include foods containing high amount of vitamin B6. Avoid fatty foods and spicy meals as they act as common triggers.

Keep yourself well hydrated. Keep sipping water, barley water, lemon juice or whatever you think you can manage retaining in your stomach.

Can I continue going to work throughout my pregnancy?

You have no health complications. Your vitals are normal. If this is true in your case, you can comfortably continue working right till the very end. That said, if your job involves exposure to chemicals, you might want to think twice. While this may be good news for you, you should be prepared to face the following –

  • Get tired too often. You might want to take frequent leaves or remote working options.
  • You may go through mood swings and emotions might sometimes take a roller coaster ride.
  • Mild discomfort, fatigue and forgetfulness.

How do I cope with pregnancy while working?

  • Now that you are aware of what you might go through while working during pregnancy, here are some tips how to cope with it.
  • Use your lunch break to rest after grabbing a quick healthy snack. Forget the shopping, that can wait.
  • Try asking your employer for flexible working hours or work from home options.
  • Keep your household chores for the maid. Don’t tire yourself by doing it.


All said and done, pregnancy is a beautiful journey, worth enjoying and adoring every bit of it! With the above top 5 tips to take care during first month of pregnancy, here’s to a healthy start!

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