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Fetal Medicine Guide: What to Expect

Maternal Fetal Medicine


When women get pregnant, all they hope for is a beautiful pregnancy. Now, by beautiful, we mean hassle-free. Even though regular check-ups are scheduled to ensure that there are no complications, or complications, if any, are diagnosed and treated effectively, yet some of these issues might affect the unborn baby. That is one of the most devastating pieces of information. However, any chronic disorder that the mother-to-be suffers from, even though has a chance of affecting the baby, can be detected and medicated through somebody called a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist.

Let’s find out more about this.

Maternal-Fetal medicines for high-risk pregnancies

During this condition, the fetus needs medication, and Maternal-Fetal medicines are the form of treatment provided by experts or specialists. For instance, considering in a case where the problem is a heart condition, it makes the fetus’ heart beat either too quickly or rather slowly. These medicines could treat the fetus, by administering heart rate regulating or controlling drugs. In this case, the medications allow the fetus to remain in the uterus until the time it’s ready to be born.

At the Fetal Care Center, however, a patient can expect the best possible care and outcome for the baby. Through consultation first, and then if there are pre-existing complications with the pregnancy, there would be a set of comprehensive tests and further consultations led by specialists.

The idea of these fetal care centres is to make the patient feel prepared, and through various step-by-step information along the way, it is to prepare the patient for a fruitful and safe delivery. So Here is what you can expect from consultation to taking the first step to solving high-risk pregnancy issues as well as an introduction to Maternal-Fetal Medicines.

Baby - Fetal Treatment

Before the visit

Before the consultation program starts off, expect guidance from a particular staff, and ideally, this is when the patient will be assigned a guide for the duration of the treatment.

This guide does come with some responsibilities, like:

Scheduling all the appointments and tests for the treatment.
Provide with an all-important questionnaire to be filled before consultation begins.
Take care in providing with logistics like lodging, travel and all that would be necessary during the treatment.
To answer all possible questions, a patient might have with regards to the consultation and the condition.

First Appointment at the Fetal Care Center: What to Expect

The first meeting will take up the whole day, and it’s important to not make any other appointments for that day. The day is spent knowing and diagnosing all possible complications a patient might have.

One of the first things a patient might receive is an ultrasound from a maternal-fetal medicine ultrasound specialist. This maternal-fetal medicine ultrasound specialist will help diagnose and possibly detect serious problems that may be present in babies before they are even born.

After which, depending on the results, the Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist may recommend on taking further tests to detect certain genetic disorders and congenital disabilities. For instance, an MRI would be on the cards to know more about the baby’s condition.

Once the specialists review all the results of tests conducted, and they would expand it out in a detailed manner the diagnosis and further recommendations. These experts will also help in developing a proper thought out plan for caring the baby and the patient.

Patients will end up meeting with the following specialists:

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists: Their sole focus is on patients (women) with tendencies of high-risk pregnancies.

Pediatric specialists: A pediatric specialist usually works with the family of the patient to anticipate events during birth and beyond it. They are also the people to provide care at birth, till the baby gets transferred to the NICU.

Nurse Coordinator/ Guide: They will always accompany the patient and family to all consultations.

Obstetric Care & High-Risk Delivery:

At times, when patients with high-risk pregnancies tend to transfer their obstetric care in the hands of the maternal-fetal medicine specialist, depending on the centre’s ability to do so. In these cases, the centre of the specialist will take responsibility for the Obstetric care for the patients as well.

Maternal-fetal medicine specialists, thus playing a role in averting high risks, are present when the conducting the delivery. They are often joined by the pediatric specialists to stabilise the baby if there be a need to do so.

Advanced Fetal Treatment:

Advanced fetal surgery is required when there are life-threatening congenital disabilities before birth. In this treatment, there would be a specialist surgeon to repair those conditions. Some of these procedures are conducted endoscopically, through many tiny incisions using cameras. If it is not extremely critical a condition, it is also performed by opening the uterus and allow open fetal surgery to solve congenital disabilities.

Postpartum Care

Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists also provide due care post birth for patients who go through the experience of complications like heavy bleeding, infections to the bloodstreams or surgical complications of any sort who experience complications such as heavy bleeding, bloodstream infections, surgical complications

Overall, even if there are complications during pregnancy that affect the baby, there is nothing to panic about. Medicine has developed a lot, to such an extent that health conditions in a fetus can also be diagnosed and corrected. So, worrying is the last thing you’ll have to do!

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