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Eczema in Children: What Should You Do?

Eczema in Children

Your child’s skin is sensitive. As a parent, you take incredible care to ensure that nothing hurts this soft, tender skin. From soaps to baby powder, you rely on just the best. But, when you see that your baby’s skin has rough, red patches all over, it pains you and worries you at the same levels.

Why are these rashes erupting on your baby’s skin? It could be eczema.

rashes erupting on your baby’s skin

What is eczema?

Eczema is taken from the Greek word which means to “boil over”. Out of all the people suffering from severe Eczema, it is observed by pediatricians that eczema in children is more severe than adults. Eczema in children mostly takes place on the cheeks and chin. However, it is a chronic ailment and it totally goes away as the child grows older. But, it gets troublesome when it does not fade away with time and when not treated at the right time.

It is unfortunate that there is actually no permanent cure for eczema in children. But, it can be treated based on the age and the intensity of the eczema. In general eczema in children can be treated, if detected early.

Eczema in children hands

There are three types of Eczema in Children which happen to children – Atopic Dermatitis, Contact Dermatitis and Seborrhec Dermatitis.

Causes of Eczema in Children:

  • 1. The exact reason for eczema in Children is unknown for now. Research on the same is being done. But, it is widely believed by dermatologists that eczema is Children is linked to an overactive response to the body as some external factor triggers the immune system, which leads to the inflammation and thus it results in eczema in children. It has been commonly observed that families from all across the world have a history of Eczema. Families with a history of Eczema also have a history of Asthma and other kinds of allergies.
  • 2. Sometimes, the food taken by toddlers play an important role in contributing towards eczema. Food products like milk, milk extracts, peanuts, meat and eggs trigger eczema in children.
  • 3. Sometimes, allergens or irritants in the environment can trigger it. If a child is being breastfed, the mother’s milk could be a factor to triggering eczema.
  • 4. It has been observed commonly that the heat, woolen, certain chemicals, preservatives, perfumes and body lotions can be a triggering factor for eczema in children.

Treatments for Eczema in Children:

  • Daily Bathing: It is believed by most of the pediatricians than it is important to give their children a bath daily. For children it is to be remembered that hot water should not be used as it has high chances of aggravating the Eczema.
  • Not to Use Harsh Soaps: It is recommended that a mild soap be used on the skin of children. Using a harsh soap might worsen eczema.
  • Moisturiser: It is important to use a moisturiser that gets locked in the body of the children suffering from Eczema.
  •  Coconut Oil: It has also been observed that coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties and it works magically on babies and children. Dermatologists say that coconut oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidants and anti-microbial properties which help in the healing of broken skin. Besides, it is a preferred way of dealing with Eczema in children as it has no chemicals or preservatives for which it reduces the risks of any kind of side-effects.

Treatments for Eczema in Children

Hence, it is advisable to the parents to visit a doctor as it is a serious issue of concern. It is often believed by psychologists that, children with chronic eczema problems have low patience levels and are irritable, because the itching causes irritation not on the skin. But, it has an impact on the mind which lead to far fetched problems related to their behavior.

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