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Does Your Child Have Chest Pain?

Does Your Child Have Chest Pain?

Your world can come crashing down thinking about the possibilities of the reason behind your child saying, “it’s paining”, pointing at his chest. You ask and ask and worry about why it is hurting and how could you help your little kid. Here are a few reasons that could cause a chest pain in your child, read on to know more about it.Chest Pain Of Child

Kids often complain of chest pain and more often than not, it isn’t a symptom of heart disease in children, but it gets the parents worked up. In fact, over 95% of children who have been referred to see a pediatric cardiologist for chest pain, do not have any identifiable cardiac cause of pain.

These could be the possible reasons for chest pain.

  • Musculoskeletal Causes: It is the most common forms of chest pain in kids, which is related to irritation in the chest wall or the musculoskeletal system. People refer to it as a growing pain which is generally inflammation of the joints between the ribs and the breastbone, which causes pain.
  • Precordial catch syndrome: This pain is described as a sudden and severe pain in the left chest. It hurts when the child breathes and the kid will try moving to allow the pain to release. As quickly as it comes on it will often disappear quickly in a matter of minutes. Its causes are unknown but it is very common and does not seem to be associated with any more severe illness.
  • Strain or Injury: some kids might strain or injure the chest wall while playing or exercising. Like other soreness, time and over the counter pain medications will allow these symptoms to resolve.
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  • Lung Causes:
    • Asthma may lead to chest pain and difficulty catching one’s breath.
    • The combination of fever and chest pain could represent a lung infection.
    • Severe and persistent chest pain can be a symptom of pneumothorax or air around the lungs.
  • Stomach Problems: Some children will experience chest pain at night while lying down for bed or even wake up at night, it could be- what we adults call it as- a heartburn, after certain meals. The symptoms can be treated with antacid medications. Many times it could just gas in the stomach that cause chest pain.
  • Cardiac Causes: As stated above, over 95% of chest pain referrals to a pediatric cardiologist are non-cardiac and most are not life-threatening. But there could be cases of some serious issues too. As with pulmonary causes of chest pain, it can also represent pericarditis or an inflammation in the sack the surrounds the heart. There are rare coronary artery anomalies that could cause these symptoms. In general, many of the cardiac causes of chest pain can be ruled out and treated with good historical evaluations and physical examination and simple tests.

Our team of doctors at Ankura are very sensitive towards the condition of the child and extend as much care and compassion in our services as possible to make the child feel comfortable and openly be able to talk about the symptoms.

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