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Does You Baby Have A Bumped Head? You Must Read This

Does You Baby Have A Bumped Head? You Must Read This

When you look at your baby for the first time, all the worries in the world just disappear. Don’t they? It’s a joy of a lifetime that cannot be compared with any other happiness, and there’s no time to think about anything else apart from that little bundle of immense joy.

Baby in womb

Babies while in the womb and even after they are born require constant attention, first by the doctor and then by the parents. No parent would want to do anything to harm their child. But sometimes, accidents happen and injuries are the result of it. Can these injuries be serious? They can be but if checked and treated on time, the effect of the injury on the child becomes less.

One such injury which is common, yet dangerous for the baby is an injury on the head. It can be during birth or just a fall from the bed or crib. A big bump appears on the head of the baby due to the injury to its head

So, what do you do when your baby’s bumped head looks big?

To this, the answer seems quite short and direct. Consult a paediatric neurology centre. But if you look into the deeper aspects, you’d find more detailing on whether you need external medical help or not. That’s because, usually babies are born with bumpy heads.

kid's bumped head

The skull bones are still soft, and their sutures are not completely closed. It takes a few months for their sutures to close and for the bones to become stronger. Traditionally the baby’s bumped head is pressed so that it settles and form a right shape. This is one of a case where a baby is born with a bumpy head, and is absolutely normal.

However, there can be a few other cases where the situation is way too different than what you might be assuming of a baby’s bumped head.

Babies are playful and of course they do not know the consequences of their actions(of course). So when they are crawling all over the house, they eventually at some point might or actually will hit their heads to a sofa or even the floor. Most babies cry while some, do not. Only indication is that bump on the head.

So, when does your baby’s bumped head become a matter of concern? 

 Baby's Bumped Head

Usually toddlers have minor injuries while playing and most of these injuries. However, in some cases kids do face head injuries that are severe enough to go through hospitalisations and surgical corrections. Baby’s bumped head injury is usually seen due to high impact accidents like falling from heights. In some other cases they might not be injuries.

Instead, your baby might have been born with a noticeable soft bump on the head. Yes, that happens more often.

You must be wondering what it could be.
Have you heard of edema?

It is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the tissues, which can occur in many areas of the body.

In many cases it occurs in newborn babies. This particular occurrence in neonates is called ‘caput succedaneum’. It looks like a lump on the head which is a result of putting pressure on the baby’s head during delivery. Although it does not affect the baby’s skull, it can sometimes lead to jaundice. The fluid usually reduces within a few days with the doctors constant monitoring the condition.

However, there are numerous other reasons that cause babies to have bumped heads, and injuries are quite common among these. As babies start growing, they tend to become curious and fidgety with anything that they see in front of them. They hurt themselves causing their tender heads to form bumps. Sometimes it is external and the swelling subsides with a simple home remedies, but in some cases you might have to look into more details.

Let’s see when your baby’s bumped head needs you to take action.

While talking about injuries that cause bumps, the only possible thing that comes to anyone’s mind is an injury to the skull or brain.
The scalp is what covers the brain inside and is rich in blood vessels. So even minor injuries bleed a lot and have a great potential to cause complications.

If you see your baby’s bumped head isn’t healing, most parents start to worry. 

– If you notice any convulsions.
– Sudden changes in the child’s speech such a inability to come up with the right words or stammering.
– Evident changes in the child’s smell or taste patterns.
– If the breathing becomes very slow or improper.
– When you notice your child turning confused stressed or fatigued from being very alert.
– Odd changes in the child’s eyes, like the size of the pupil, if the vision becomes blurry or double visioned.
– Severe headaches at a tender age.
– Constant fluid dripping from the child’s nose.
– Change in the colour of the skin, and if the crying lasts for more than an hour along with restlessness.

While taking any action regarding getting your child checked for any kind of complications that could occur, you must be quite sure that there is something serious. Hitting the panic mode is natural, but you can get the right analysis and treatment for your baby at Ankura Hospitals.

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