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Causes of Gas in Children

Gas in Stomach - Baby Crying

Burps and farts can be a bit embarrassing, but they are essential to get rid of the excess gas build-up. This is especially true in case of babies.

Have you noticed that when a baby is done with their lunch or dinner, their mother or father pick them up, hold them straight and walk about patting their back?

This is to ensure that the baby burps after eating their food and drinking water so as to prevent any kind of gas in the stomach. Babies cry. But when they cry, no one actually can tell the reason behind the crying, can they?

Farting or Release of Gas

One of the primary reasons a baby faces discomfort and cries uncontrollably is Gas..

Gas leads to severe pain and irritability in not only children but adults as well.

It is normal for anyone to flatulate or fart 20-25 times a day. But, the problems arise in children who are unable to do so. Children can get some relief from the pain due to gas after the causes are understood and treated. If your baby is crying inconsolably, visit us without any delay and we at Ankura Hospitals can help your baby find the relief they need.

For this, of course, proper diagnosis is essential.

The causes for gas in children are as follows:

Swallowing of air: This is one of the primary reasons for the formation of gas in the stomach.  This is characterised by severe pain and bloating of the stomach. If children don’t chew their food properly, or swallow large quantities of air, they might experience gas.

Crying: Sometimes, when children cry a lot, there is a large amount of gas that enters the body. It will result in pain and bloating, if no remedy is provided.

Bloating with stomach issues: An upset stomach causes gas to get trapped, causing bloating, which is an aggravated form of gas. It has a certain buoyancy and the gas pockets can become trapped in the intestines, this causes various hindrances, as the various secretions and the gas juices cannot flow freely.

Bloated Stomach

Remedies and cure for gas relief in babies:

  • Changing a baby’s dietary habit may bring in a permanent gas relief for babies.There are many kinds of food that trigger gas. It is best to stay away from those kind of foods.
  • Carbohydrates and starch are known to create a lot of gas. Potatoes and wheat are said to have the highest content of carbohydrates. Hence, it is advised to the parents to not feed their babies with wheat-based products at night. Proteins are known to cause gas with odor.
  • In cases of severe gas problems the children need to be taken to the doctor who will provide them with medicines.
  • There are certain vegetables like cauliflower, tomatoes, beans, nuts and oranges which might  trigger gastric problems in babies.

Tips to Prevent Formation of Gas:

  • Cut down on vegetables and fruits which might  trigger gastric issues
  • Give plenty of water
  • Allow babies to chew the food properly
  • Encourage sleeping in the right posture
  • Feed on time
  • Say no to unhealthy and fried food.

Fried Food leads to Gas Problem in Stomach

Gas may seem petty but should not be taken lightly at any instance. It is a condition which may affect various organs of the body if not diagnosed and treated on an immediate basis. In babies, since the immunity itself is low, a condition such as gas may result in permanent damage to organs.

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