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Understanding Symptoms of Cancer in Children: Types

Understanding Symptoms Of Cancer In Children

It breaks your heart when little children suffer from any sort of healthy issue, but when you hear about cancers in children, it’s scary, more than anything else. Even though paediatric cancers are uncommon, it …
Babies And Their Safety

Babies And Their Safety

Everyone loves babies. They are cute, fun to be with, naughty at times, full of life and ultimately they make you adults, feel like kids again. Now, however nice it feels to have babies around, …
Safeguard Your Child Prevent Drowning

Safeguard your Child, Prevent Drowning

Every child has access to a pond in a rural house and a bathtub in an urban apartment. Both pose equal risk of drowning when not supervised properly. Here’s a inforgraphic which will help you …
Premature Baby Brain Development

Premature Baby Brain Development

Brain development of a premature baby What happens to the brain if a baby is born prematurely? When you look at your newborn, all you see is cuteness. If you are asked to think about …
Jaundice in Children:Causes,Sympotms and Treatment

Jaundice In Children – An Overview

Jaundice is a common liver-related condition that causes the skin as well as the eyes to turn yellow. While this disease is seen to affect adults, but also highly prevalent in newborns and children. The …
World Breastfeeding Week

World Breastfeeding Week

When you become a mother, it is one of the intimate feelings in the world. Bringing a child into the world is an emotion incomparable to any other. So when you become a mother, your …