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Beating Postnatal Blues!

If you are thinking that the labour and delivery were the toughest parts of becoming parents, then you are clearly mistaken.

Babies are tiny and vulnerable, and that’s the reason why they need your care 24*7.

It is only natural for doting mothers busy looking after their babies, forgetting their own health-needs. Being fit and healthy post-childbirth is very important, and can be possible by making a few positive changes in daily activities.

Postnatal care, helps a new mother understand to care for herself, and her needs, as equally as her baby’s. Consulting the doctor gives new mothers an insight on how important postnatal care is and how it can help you whip yourself back into shape.

Here are a few tips which can help during  the postnatal period:

  1. Adequate rest: It is common for new mothers to feel tired quite frequently after childbirth. New mothers need to give postnatal care, the same importance after birth as well. Rest is a luxury, but is required for the mothers to be able to tend to their health and child. which shouldn’t be neglected.
  2. Timely balanced meals: Nutrition is very crucial after child-birth, as the body goes through many changes during and after pregnancy. Breastfeeding mothers require more nutrition, as they are feeding they are also nursing babies. Eating low-fat food items which balance carbohydrates and proteins. Fruits and vegetables are great addition to diets.
  3. Consult the doctor when it’s required: As the new mother’s bodies are still recovering after childbirth is still weak for a couple of weeks. Consulting the doctor and not missing appointments; help avoid any serious problems from developing, and relieve the body from any pains. Mothers who have undergone a C-section, need to take extra care due to the stitches and cuts still being fresh.
  4. Being active:  Getting back into shape takes time but can be achieved if you stay motivated till you reach your ultimate goal. Whether you are tidying up your work-space, or  your closet, little chores can help you stay active and beat stress. It is very important to not wear the body out, as it is still sensitive after post-childbirth.
  5. Fight the blues: New mothers also tend to experience mood swings such as feeling irritable, due to the hormonal changes women go through during pregnancy. It is very important women to consult the doctor if they experience mood swings frequently.

Although, for many postnatal period maybe a breeze, but for a few it may take more time to recover fully. Incorporating positive lifestyle changes, helps new-mothers stay healthy even after conceiving.

Consulting and visiting your doctor after childbirth is the key to understanding, what new mothers can do to care for their changing body. Staying proactive, is key to a healthy mother and baby. So put your health first, and reclaim a healthier body after pregnancy.

About the hospital:

Ankura Hospitals is a chain of super-specialty hospitals for women and children in the cyber city of Hyderabad. Set up in the year 2011 in KPHB, near Hitech Railway Station, the Ankura Hospitals family has today spread its wings to Secunderabad, Khammam and Vijayawada.



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