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Babies And Their Safety

Babies And Their Safety

Everyone loves babies. They are cute, fun to be with, naughty at times, full of life and ultimately they make you adults, feel like kids again. Now, however nice it feels to have babies around, it is a big responsibility to take care of them at all times, as well. Having a baby is an additional responsibility when it comes to feeding them, keeping them company at all times, making sure that they aren’t doing anything harmful and so on.

Babies Care

This is the aim of September, being the Baby Safety Month recognised by the world. Throughout this month, hospitals and doctors spread awareness on how and what is good for babies and what are the steps which should be taken to ensure their safety.

So what can be done to ensure your baby’s safety?

A baby’s safety is not only at home, it is everywhere, it is not only what he or she eats, it is also about what you as a parent do at home. All of these aspects and factors make your baby safe.

Baby Protection

Some safety steps for your baby:

  • Never keep any kind of sharp objects such as knives, scissors, tools, razors and other items such as coins, glass objects, beads, pins, medications around the house as they might injure themselves gravely.
  • Often people play with babies by throwing them into the air of shaking them gently. This is a strict warning not to do so as it can cause brain damage or blindness.
  • It is always better not leave your baby alone with a young sibling or even your pet, even if your baby is sleeping unless they are used the routine.
  • Walkers can get unsafe, no matter how old your baby is. Try and limit its usage as much as possible.
  • Wires, sockets, cables should not be left unattended, especially when you have a baby as they might shock themselves without knowing it.
  • Any kind tablecloth that can be pulled from the table should be taken off. It can create a mess, moreover the things on the table might fall on your baby.
  • Drawers are a concern when it comes to babies. There should be a stopper to all drawers so that they are not able to pull the drawer all the way out.
  • Any kind of furniture or electronics on the top or on shelves can get risky.
  • Always make sure that the toys the baby plays with is safe. Any kind of sharp edges, or dust can harm your baby.
  • During the time your baby is teething, make sure they do not indulge in biting on random things at home.
  • Balloons are an enemy for babies, as they can cause them to choke.
  • If your baby is between a month or two in age, they should be put down for sleep on their backs or it might cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS).
  • Limiting the number of soft toys and extra pillows in your bed is better for the baby so as to limit the risks of suffocating.
  • The room of the baby should be kept at a stagnant temperature which should not get too hot. This in turn reduces the risk of SIDS.
  • Your baby is precious to you but its best they have a bed next to yours instead of sharing a bed.
  • Never miss any kind of vaccinations.
  • Always try to maintain skin-to-skin contact with your baby.

There are many other safety precautions you can and should take to ensure the safety of your baby. If you are in the car, use adequate equipment and always use a seatbelt to keep them safe. Apart from that, do not smoke or encourage smoking around your baby. To know more, visit us at Ankura Hospitals so that we can help you know more on the safety tips for your baby, during this month.

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