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World Breastfeeding Week

World Breastfeeding Week

When you become a mother, it is one of the intimate feelings in the world. Bringing a child into the world is an emotion incomparable to any other. So when you become a mother, your baby is the most important in your life ensuring his or her safety and most importantly, the health of the baby.

Breastfeeding is an all-important aspect for the proper growth and nutrition for a child. It is an absolute necessity for children to be breastfed for at least two years after their birth, but not all children today are born with the privilege of achieving that for that period. Research has, however, found that, even if the two years is not possible, then every child must at least be breastfed for a minimum of six months since their birth.

World Breastfeeding Week

We cannot stress enough on the importance of a child being breastfed, as the benefits are many and when this fails to happen, children around the world, especially India face plenty of nutritional, growth and other problems, including death. Research says that 45% of Indian children die due to a lack of nutrition, and the absence of breast milk in their initial years could be directly associated with that problem.

Of late, we have seen some organizations and groups who have risen high to make the importance of breastfeeding known to the whole full world. These organizations and groups are widely recognized by many others, including the World Health Organisation. Today, in this country we have plenty of problems with regards to children getting breast milk, and the World Breastfeeding Week is an attempt to make people understand the issues associated with a lack of it and how the world is going about solving the problems.

Importance of Breastfeeding

Breast milk consists of antibodies, which are essential to help the child through many barriers, including that of evading some potentially dangerous viruses and bacteria. Breast milk also lowers the risk of the child contracting multiple allergies, including reducing the risk of asthma. Breast milk, without any formula, also helps the child prevent problems such as ear infections, respiratory illnesses, and diarrhea. This is the reason why breastfeeding is recommended for at least a minimum of six months.

Importance Of Breastfeeding

The problem

There are multiple levels of difficulties that restrict any child their fair share of breast milk. The absence of parents or in cases where the mother is unable to provide breast milk for many reasons that could be connected medically. On the other hand, medical science has brought about the idea of formula-feeding, that may not have the exact nutrients and antibodies natural breast milk would, meaning it could in most cases prove to be useless for children needing natural breast milk.


Today, part of the World Breastfeeding week, many organizations and groups are on the rise to help solve the problem of breastfeeding in children. Globally as well as in India the idea of Human Milk Banking is on the rise and this has been helping thousands of children, especially in India to get their share of breast milk. These banks tend to store breast milk donated by able people, which is then pasteurized and stored for future use.


How can we at Ankura Hospital help?

At Ankura Hospital in Hyderabad, we have tie-ups with plenty of groups, who could provide human breast milk to needy children and newborn, who might he shorn off it for numerous reasons. Consult our hospital and avail the benefits of breastfeeding for children and let them have the chance at life.

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