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Ways To Keep Your Child’s Eyes Healthy And Safe

Ways To Keep Your Child’s Eyes Healthy And Safe

Children are powerhouses of energy, and every child loves to use their energy in different ways, while some sit themselves down and love to draw and color, others love to spend their time and energy watching TV, playing video games, and reading too. Some love to play and run around as well.

But with urbanization, comes constriction of place, leaving not much open space for your child to move their bodies, exercise, run around and lead an active life. What has also come with technological development is the increase in production and availability of touchscreen gadgets like phones, tablets, and laptops that keep the children hooked and create a disinterest in physical activities.

While not many realize the consequences of giving children the access to these gadgets, nobody wants to compromise on their health and safety. Which is why this blog talks about how you can protect your child’s eyes not just from issues of screen time but also from other health issues related to the eyes.

Food for healthy eyesFood For Healthy Eyes

The most talked about and popular remedy or prevention is to feed your child vegetables and fruits that contribute to a healthy eyesight, these food items don’t just prevent premature damage, they also repair and strengthen broken tissues. While it’s one of the most challenging tasks to get veggies down the kid’s throat, there are multiple innovative and creative ways you could use, to get them to eat.

Some of the most healthy veggies, fruits, and food items are Green and leafy vegetables, such as spinach, oily fish like tuna, salmon, and mackerel, protein-rich nuts, beans, and eggs, citrus-rich fruits like oranges and lemons, seafood and meat, such as oysters and pork.

Sufficient sleep for healthy eyes

A good 7-8 hour sleep refreshes your child’s body and effectively keeps the eyes healthy and vision clear.

Run, Play, ExercisePlaying and Exercising

An active body is a healthy body, running, playing and exercising doesn’t just loosen up the body making it more active, it also ensures exposure to the sun and air, which plays a vital role in having a healthy eyesight. Although, it is advisable to not let them be exposed to sun rays in the peak hours of the daytime to avoid damage from the UV rays.

Keep them clean and protected

Excess exposure to wind and dust during the day makes the eyes dirty and eyesight blurry, it is advisable to make them wash their eyes and keep them clean and hydrated because they tend to start feeling dry due to the exposure. To protect their eyes also make them wear protection glasses while traveling.

Ensure they are following screen time rulesScreen Time Rules

Too much exposure to any kind of screen, be it- TV, computers, laptops, mobile phones or tablets, or anything. Their screen time must be limited to not more than 2 hours and they should be sitting at a proper distance, to avoid much damage. Parenting is best done one on one, learning is best done with children learning from people rather than screens all the time. It’s not just a healthy practice, it also helps in creating a bond between you and your child. With small screens like tablets and phones, there is a huge possibility of your child developing a squint.

It is very important to time your child’s exposure to the screen and inculcates the practice of reading as well, under proper conditions of light, position and time of the day.

Say Hello to the eye doctor sometimes

It is very important to regularly get their eyes checked so that even if there occurs a problem at any point it is caught immediately and prevented from developing and also corrected through glasses.

We, at Ankura, have a special department for children with problems of vision, our doctors are experienced in pediatric ophthalmology and know how to deal with kids and their problems. It is not an easy task to make a child describe symptoms. Our doctors know exactly what to ask so that the child does not find it difficult to explain.

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