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Urinary Tract Infection During Pregnancy: Symptoms & Prevention

Urinary Tract Infection During Pregnancy: Symptoms & Prevention

UTI or urinary tract infection is a common problem with women. During their lifetime every almost all women are expected to be affected by UTI at some point. But one of the typical time when women could be affected by UTI is during pregnancy.

But why are UTI’s common during pregnancy?

When women are pregnant, there is added pressure on their bladder and urinary tract due to the growing fetus. Due to this pressure, the bacteria could be trapped, or the urine from the bladder could leak. On the other hand, there are many physical changes to consider, as almost all women experience ureteral dilation, mainly because the urethra keeps expanding during different stages of pregnancy and ci=ntinues to do so until delivery.

A larger urinary tract, coupled with increased bladder volume and decreased bladder tone can cause the urine to become more still in the urethra, which in turn allows the bacteria to grow.

Another vital fact during pregnancies is that women have more concentrated urine during this period, which contains specific types of hormones and sugar. These, in turn, lower are the body’s ability to fight off potent bacteria and encourage bacterial growth. So for these reasons, UTI during pregnancies are pretty frequent.

Bladder Infection

Symptoms of UTI during pregnancy

  • Cloudy, blood-tinged urine
  • Burning or painful feeling while urinating
  • Frequent urination
  • Fever
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Pelvic or lower back pain

Additionally about 2-10% of pregnant women are bound to experience a UTI, while there are more chances of UTI to reoccur during pregnancy. Women who have had several children are more prone to contracting UTI.

Urine Infection Treatment

UTI Treatment options

Doctors will recommend several treatment options for pregnant women with a UTI, but depending on the situation and severity of the condition.

Some tips from doctors include –

  • Recommendation to empty bladder frequently, especially after sex
  • Suggesting more cotton wearables
  • Nixing of underwear at night
  • To avoid perfumes, sprays or douches
  • to drink  plenty of water and stay hydrated as much as possible
  • To avoid harsh soaps, especially in the genital area.

UTI Treatment

Doctors tend to provide treatment options by way of antibiotics, but only those which are safe for the unborn child, yet effective in killing the bacteria off. In the cases where the UTI has caused a kidney infection, then the recommendation would be to take more, stronger antibiotics.

Any infection or disease during pregnancy is dangerous not only for the mother but also for the baby, so UTI is no exception. On the other hand, when UTI is left untreated during pregnancy, it can come back with haunting effects to cause havoc after the delivery. So ideally, consult the right doctor if some of the symptoms persist and get timely, appropriate treatments, to reduce any complication for the baby or for times after the delivery.

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