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Understanding Hypospadias

Hypospadias Causes and symptoms

What is Hypospadias:

It pretty much sounds like a word one would have never heard before, and for most of us, it’s true.

Most people do not know of this condition and even if they do, they do not know how to address the issue without some sort of aversion to talk about it on a general basis.

Many-a-times, a boy is born with a peculiar condition where the opening of his urethra or the opening of the penis through which the urine passes is located under the penis rather than on the tip of the penis. This condition is called Hypospadias.

The condition can be diagnosed and checked at birth itself but in many cases, the condition is noticed late.

In this condition, the opening of the urethra can be at any place along the underside of the penis as such. However, where the opening is located will determine the severity of the the condition.

There are mainly three positions of the urethral opening under which this condition can be classified:

Three positions of Hypospadias

Anterior or Distal: In this condition, the opening of the penis is just near the tip of the penis. It occurs in 50 percent of the cases and is the mildest form of Hypospadias.

Middle: This condition is where the opening of the urethra is midway between the tip and the underway of the penis and happens in 30 percent of the cases. It is considered to be moderate Hypospadias.

Posterior or Proximal: This is the most severe type of Hypospadias where the opening of the penis is at the scrotum or totally below the penis. It occurs in 20 percent of cases.

How is this condition caused?

Hypospadias is a congenital condition. It happens while the baby is developing the mother’s womb. Many-a-times, as the fetus develops inside the womb of the mother, the tissue that forms on the underside of the penis does not completely close and thus shortens the passageway.

There have many cases reported where the foreskin(the skin which covers the tip of the penis and the glans) also doesn’t form or develop properly which results in extra foreskin on the top of the penis and nothing on the underside.

But, there is not much to worry and there is no need to blame the parents for this condition. It does not have anything to do or not to do during pregnancy.

 condition of Hypospadias

As of now, there is no particular or definite cause for this condition. According to case studies, the number of cases reporting the condition of Hypospadias has been on the rise since the 1970’s. However researchers have concluded that this condition can be of hereditary causes. If in a family a brother or a father has this condition, the sibling or the son is likely to develop this condition as well.

What are the symptoms of Hypospadias?

The primary symptom and which is totally visible with the naked eye is when the boy’s urethra is located in the underside of the penis rather than the tip.

But there have been other symptoms which have been seen in some cases as well.

The other symptoms are:

  • A downward urinary spray where the baby boy might have to sit down rather than the usual stand up and urinating. This happens in severe hypospadias and when the child has become older.
  • A ‘hooded’ appearance of the penis which is a result of extra foreskin on the top of the penis and no skin on the downward.
  • An abnormal appearance of the tip of the penis.
  • In some cases, doctors have also mentioned that babies who have this condition also have undescended testicles.

It is of some importance to always get the boys checked at birth itself so there can be some measures to cure the condition or make it better to some extent. It is also important to speak to an expert surgeon to get a more professional opinion out so that everything can be done effectively.

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