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This Parents’ Day, Be Reminded Of What Makes You The Best Parents

This Parents’ Day, Be Reminded Of What Makes You The Best Parents

The journey of parenthood is one of the most exciting phases of one’s life. It comes with its own share of excitement and anxiety. From seeing the first scan photograph of your little baby to holding your baby in your arms, it is just such a very humbling and warming experience.

To embrace the fact that you have given birth to a new life, a life that will look up to you, that will learn to walk with you, learn from your experiences and fill your life with joy and a sense of completion.Journey Of Parenthood

It is a huge decision that individuals in a relationship make, to give birth to a new life. It calls for a lot of changes in their lifestyle, in the management of their finances, in their personal habits and behavior, and for the most of it, in the mother’s entire system of functioning.

While you as new parents are getting used to all this, you also have a brand new life that is completely dependent on you. You are responsible for a very tiny human and, this very tiny human will grow up to be someone you have raised with your values and characters.

It is this child of yours that will one day tell you that you are the “world’s best parents!” for all the decisions you took for them and for all the love that you have given to them.

While we are talking about responsibilities towards your children, one of your most important responsibilities is your child’s well being and health. And mind you, not just physical health but also mental health. Parents Day 2018

Right from conception until your child grows up, you are responsible for their health. Here’s a gentle reminder of all that parents need to do for their children’s good health and well being.

  • While expecting your baby, do not miss out on any supplements or doctor’s appointments for regular check-ups. Eat healthily and exercise well for better blood circulation and avoid soreness.
  • After the baby is born, the lactating mothers must take care of themselves so as to feed the baby well for him/her to grow strong and healthy.
  • Do not miss out on vaccinations and the boosters that follow. To build your child’s immunity up to fight diseases that could pose a threat to life, these vaccinations are very important (it is a point worth noting, that because of these vaccinations India has become the latest country to be polio-free).
  • Do not ignore your child’s complaints of pains and aches, or even his lagging behind in academics, there could be a number of reasons why he is complaining or lagging behind, ranging from an issue with the vision to a mental health condition like ADHD.
  • Annual health check-ups are a must for not just your children but for everyone in the family especially if there is a family history of any chronic or rare disease.
  • It is very important that your child is active, enroll them into learning a sport they like, or make them exercise with you every morning, but make sure they lead an active life to avoid complications caused by lifestyle later on in life.
  • Give your child a balanced diet and avoid treating them to junk food that is attractive but causes harm in the long run.

With all of these things mentioned above-which we are confident that you are doing- know that we, at Ankura, are always there happy and ready to help whenever you need us. We provide services ranging from counseling to medication for children who suffer from any kind of trouble.

Our team at Ankura wishes you a very Happy Parents Day, you are the best parents to your children and we vouch for that.

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