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Stages in Chronic Kidney Disease

Stages in Chronic Kidney Disease

Can you imagine your tea without straining the tea leaves or coffee along with the beans?

Similarly, if the filters in your body stop functioning, all the waste materials will get accumulated, causing several problems in your system.

So, what are the filters we are talking about?



Now, can you imagine a child undergoing this painful problem?

Children can have chronic kidney disease, too.

There are various stages of chronic kidney diseases. The earlier you take your child to the doctor, the sooner there can be a diagnosis and eventually faster treatment.

The various stages of chronic kidney diseases:

Stage 1 : In this stage, the child has kidneys that are not functioning at a 100%. In medical terms, when the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is greater than 90 ml per minute, which is less than normal. This is not uncommon and hence most people do not notice or get treated for it.

Stage 2 : A child suffering from stage 2 among the stages of chronic kidney diseases has a minor damage in their glomerular filtration rate (GFR), which is between 60-90 ml per minute. Stage two is difficult to trace and therefore there might be a delay in the treatment unless someone gets the level of creatinine  and urea checked during a blood test.

Stage 3 : Among the stages of chronic kidney diseases, stage three is divided into two parts stage 3A and 3B. The filtration rate in stage 3A is between 49 ml per minute to 59 ml per minute, while there is a lesser rate of filtration in stage 3B, where the count is between 34 ml per minute to 44 ml per minute. There are certain major symptoms that are present in the third stage. They Include- Fatigue, swelling, pain in the pelvic region and pain in the back.

Stage 4 : The fourth stage in stage which indicates clear and present danger. This is one of the most painful stages of chronic kidney diseases. The filtration rate in this stage is really low and it falls down to 15-30 ml per minute. Usually, patients at this stage of chronic kidney disorder are provided with dialysis treatments on a regular basis. The symptoms in this stage include- Fatigue, swelling, excruciating pain at the back, loss of appetite and sleep problems with persistent insomnia.

Chronic Kidney Diseases

Treatments for Chronic Kidney Diseases

  • Medications are given for making the kidneys better at first. Once the kidneys are provided with the correct medicines, the patient is given regular antibiotics and then certain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
  • In the cases of renal problems, there are certain drugs which are provided which prevent the kidneys from getting worse.
  • Recombinant human erythropoietin is used by children, who have anemia along with a chronic kidney disease.
  • It is also to be noted that iron supplementation is to be used along with the medication for anemia.
  • Children with a chronic kidney disease, may have problem with their bones, which is called as a bone abnormality. In these cases vitamin d sterols is to be administered.

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It is always better to get checked every month so that even if there is some sort of kidney damage, it can be diagnosed at an early stage. No matter what, damage is harmful no matter what stage it is at. At Ankura Hospitals, our team of reputed urologists have made it their mission to diagnose early, help and treat patients with any kind of problem in the kidneys no matter what the stage.

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