Pediatric Pulmonologypediatric pulmonologist (or) pediatric pulmonology

Lungs are one of the first organs which start working after birth. After being filled with fluid inside the placenta, the lungs begin working for the first time with your child’s first breath in the world. If anything goes wrong in the functioning of the lungs, it can become life-threatening in a matter of minutes.

What is paediatric pulmonology?

Paediatric pulmonology deals with of lung issues in children. A paediatric pulmonologist offers treatment for infections in lungs, dysfunctionality, developmental abnormalities, allergies and other problems in lungs of children.

How is paediatric pulmonology important?

Cases of paediatric pulmonology involve very delicate and critical treatments and often are brought to the doctors as emergency cases. Some paediatric pulmonological diseases or issues are congenital while the others can develop later in life. However, both kinds of lung problems need to be treated immediately.

A pulmonology expert who deals with lung problems in adults might not grasp the condition or the severity of a lung condition in a child. S/he might not be familiar with the kinds of disease an infant might have. Moreover, children cannot talk. Even older children might not be able to express themselves clearly. So, it all comes down to the doctor to make a note of the symptoms, do a physical test and send for clinical tests. And all of these need to be done urgently and there is no space for a mistake or a false trial.

This is why, pulmonologists require special training and need to be highly experienced in the field of paediatric pulmonology.

Paediatric Pulmonology at Ankura Hospitals:

The paediatric pulmonology department at Ankura is well-staffed with the best doctors who are properly trained and highly experienced in the same field. They handle a large number of lung defects in children on a daily basis with nearly a perfect success rate. If your child is suffering from any lung condition, or has the symptoms of it, you can book an appointment at the paediatric pulmonology department of Ankura Hospitals. Alternatively, we also attend to emergency conditions.