Pediatric NeurologyThe brain, the spinal cord and the nerves – the nervous system is what keeps us alive. Sure, all the other organs are important but they all work on the command of this system. The brain and the spinal cord command and the nerves pass on the message. So, you can very well imagine what might go wrong if your child has an issue with her or his nervous system.

And here you approach the saviour, the paediatric neurologist.

What is paediatric neurology?

The branch of medicine that deals with issues related to the nervous system of a child, is called paediatric neurology. A neurologist needs to take additional training to be able to deal with a child’s nervous system.

Scope of paediatric neurology: Paediatric psychology deals with congenital, genetic, and developed neurological defects like movement disorders, speech disorders, cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy etc. in children. In fact, it’s not possible to list down all the ways a nerve disorder can manifest itself in a child. Each child’s symptoms will be unique. Sometimes, symptoms which look like indicating a particular diseases, turn out to be a paediatric neurological disorder instead.

Paediatric Neurology Department in Ankura Hospitals:

Your child might need a paediatric neurologist within the first hour of his or her life. S/he might need a paediatric neurologist in the middle of the night. Or you might notice ‘abnormality’ in his or her growth which might ask for the attention of a paediatric neurologist.

Neurological issues require careful diagnosis and careful treatment. One wrong move can impair your child for life. This is why, we only foster the best paediatric neurologists in the city. They are all well-trained and highly experienced in dealing with paediatric neurological disorders.

If your child is suffering from any neurological condition, you can bring him or her to our hospital and our doctors will be able to give him or her the best possible treatment.