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pediatric-nephrology. Nephrology is the specific medical discipline that deals with the study of the functioning of the kidney, kidney problems, the treatment of kidney problems and renal replacement therapy. Nephrology includes dialysis, and other issues pertaining to the kidneys.
Kidneys are among the most crucial parts of the human body. Kidneys help to regulate water in the body, by removing excess water, or retaining water when there is shortage. Kidneys also remove the waste from our body, and excess minerals like potassium and sodium are secreted from our bodies. Kidneys are also crucial for producing hormones that ensure optimum blood pressure, the making of red blood cells, and regular functioning of the body.
In the modern life that we lead, kidney problems have become more and more common, and this can be clearly seen in the number of kidney related problems sprouting up today, especially in urban places. Some of our modern lifestyle habits are also dangerous and detrimental to the proper functioning of kidneys.

Pediatric nephrology specifically deals with kidney-related issues of children. Unlike adults, wherein kidney related problems are discovered much later, children often display immediate symptoms in nephrological issues. Pediatric nephrologists are trained to handle children with kidney or urinary tract disease, bladder problems, kidney stones, or high blood pressure. Abnormalities in blood or protein also come under the purview of pediatric nephrologists.
It is of utmost importance that children are diagnosed early because kidneys are one of the most important parts of our body, and any delay in diagnosis could prove dangerous later on in life.
Ankura Children’s Hospitals has a group of highly experienced nephrologists who are specialized in diagnosing and treating kidney-related issues in children. Child nephrologists have to ensure that they put the child at ease, since unlike most other commonly seen ailments, the kidney are not visible. The treatment and observation of kidneys are all internal, and it is important to put the children and parents at ease during the entire process.
Ankura Children’s Hospital also gives special emphasis on the growing needs of children. Since children are constantly growing, their bodies are changing on an almost daily basis. Since 2011, we have successfully conducted many treatments of children and have been able to bring a smile on the faces of the children as well as parents.
Our hospital support staff and nursing departments also ensure that the entire place is clean, organized, hygienic and friendly, so that children do not face any sort of fear, embarrassment, or anxiety in the entire process. All our tools, equipments, and processes have been customized and adapted to serve the needs of children specifically. We also ensure that the parents are constantly updated in the most transparent and open manner about the entire process right from the diagnosis, observation, to the treatment.
At Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital, we understand the importance of your kids, and their kidneys!