Pediatric AllergyAll of us are allergic to something or the other. But we are always careful to avoid those substances. But what about the kids? Do you know what your infant child is allergic to? Probably not yet.

What do you do if your child falls sick because of allergies? You need to see a paediatric immunologist, also known as a paediatric allergist.

Who is a paediatric allergist?

Allergy is an immunological condition. This means that the body’s immunological system or the defence mechanism reacts to a substance thinking it dangerous which is normally harmless. A doctor who deals with such issues related to the defence of the body is called an allergist. A pediatric allergist takes additional training to treat allergic conditions in children, an expert who handles allergic cases of children is known as a paediatric allergist.

Why Your Child Needs A Paediatric Allergist

When your child is in distress, you should bring your child to a doctor at the earliest; no matter what kind of doctor. But an allergy requires the expertise of a paediatric allergist. The need for an allergist and not just a paediatrician is the same reason why you go to an orthopaedician for bone issues and not a general doctor – an expert has added knowledge in their area of concern and hence can serve your cause better.

Again, treating an adult who probably has a medical history and can express her or his discomfort is not the same as treating an allergic child where you can’t be readily sure of what might be triggering her or his defence cells. For that you need to bring your child to a paediatric allergist, who has experience in dealing with such cases.

Paediatric Allergy Department at Ankura Hospitals:

The symptoms of allergy range from mild rashes which fade away, to severe breathing problems which can become life-threatening. This is why, the paediatric allergy department of Ankura Hospitals fosters a team of brilliantly skilled paediatric allergists who handle many cases of paediatric allergy on a daily basis. We also have high quality arrangements to deal with emergency cases of paediatric allergy.
Bring your child to Ankura Hospitals if s/he has any kind of allergy.