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Pediatric Allergy – An Overview

Pediatric AllergyPediatric Allergy and Asthma is the medical discipline that deals with children’s ailments pertaining to allergies and respiratory problems.

A pediatric allergy department is important because children are susceptible to allergies which can manifest in different ways. It is also true that these allergies erupt in children more frequently than adults. This is because children’s immunity hasn’t fully developed, and they have to be guarded against a number of allergens. Allergens are nothing but substances that causes an allergic reaction in the human body.

Children could develop an allergy at any given point of time – especially when they are outdoors. In most cases, the allergy is also known after the reaction has taken place. The most common symptoms of an allergic reaction are vomiting, skin inflammation, diarrhea, congestion, sneezing, and wheezing. A pediatric allergy specialist has been specifically trained to diagnose and treat such cases.

Asthma is also increasingly common among children of today. This is partly due to urban lifestyle that we lead, which surrounds us with pollution, dust, and dirt. Chronic allergies, if left unattended, or detected late, might lead to serious health issues for your child in the long run. It has been reported that in children in India are most susceptible to asthma in their early teens. This is the time when intervention is crucial for the child’s well being.

Asthma specialists generally specialize in two particular disciplines – an allergist/immunologist, specially trained in treating allergic diseases including asthma. And a pulmonologist, who specializes in diseases affecting the lungs and breathing including asthma. The treatment could vary from anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator asthma inhalers, to oral medications to asthma drugs delivered in a inhaler or breathing machine.

Ankura Women’s and Children’s Hospital is proud to reveal that we have a team of highly dedicated and vastly experienced doctors who specialize in different forms of allergies and other related respiratory illnesses. Our doctors understand that, in the way that each child is special, each and every case is also special.

Our key principles of Cure, Care, and Compassion reflect in each and every activity. We believe in combining our experience in medicine, along with compassion and empathy. That is what sets Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital apart from its peers.