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Painless Delivery vs Normal/Vaginal Delivery – An Overview

Painless Delivery vs Normal/Vaginal Delivery


Imagine how two lines can change a person’s life forever. It gives immense amount of happiness to the mother and the father to know that a baby will be entering their lives soon. Once the news is confirmed, the parents, for the next few months ensure that the delivery of the baby is safe and the health of both mother and baby is good.

Painless Delivery - Epidural space around  Spinal cord

There are mainly three types of pregnancies:

– Normal Delivery
– Painless Delivery
– Waterbirth

Normal Delivery or vaginal delivery is the most common form of delivery as women resort to this form most of the time and also it is highly recommended by doctors. Even though there are advantages and disadvantages for all the types of deliveries, ultimately it is the mother’s call on what method should be done keeping herself and her baby in mind post consulting a doctor with expertise.

Since normal delivery is preferred, bringing out an overview of the same can help mothers choose what method they feel would be right for them.

Normal Delivery:

Vaginal delivery or normal delivery is when a baby is delivered through the vagina of the mother which is the most common form of delivery. Normal delivery is the process when the mother goes into labor without the use of drugs or any application of various techniques to induce labor and the delivery of the baby happens without cesarean section, forceps and vacuum extraction.

The advantages of Normal Delivery are:

– Reduction in time of labor occurs when vaginal delivery is performed. It allows the reflexes of the mother to push more and mentally stronger.

– The pain which a result of labour guides a mother to the correct positions of giving birth.

– During a normal delivery, the mother is not connected to an IV Drip or a monitor so pre birth movement becomes easier when compared to other types of deliveries where movement is restricted.

– There is no loss in sensation during a normal delivery. This helps in moving the process along and get the birth done quickly without any delay due to no sensation. It is tough to push when under pain numbing medication.

– A normal delivery is an achievement in itself for the mother to go through the amounts of pain and being successful in having a healthy baby. It gives a sense of power for a woman and is usually seen to opt for a normal delivery during further pregnancies.

Disadvantages of Normal Delivery:

– Natural birth causes a lot of pain and it lasts through the process of delivery.

– Normal delivery causes loosening of the vagina to a great extent.

– There have been many cases where normal delivery has increased the chances of heavy blood loss. This usually occurs when tearing occurs and the duration of labour is longer.

Disadvantages of Normal Delivery

A brief comparison between Normal Delivery and Painless Delivery:

The biggest downside of Normal Delivery is the pain that it causes. Usually, normal delivery does not include pain inducers or any other external method to execute.

The biggest upside to Painless Delivery is when the mother knows she will not be able to bear the pain of delivery due to various reasons, she is given an epidural injection in the back which numbs the pelvic area completely and totally numbs the pain making the delivery a pain free procedure.

Painless Delivery is most resorted to when the mother is in her late thirties or has has history of hypertension and may be obese or overweight. In that case, a painless delivery is suggested by the doctor so as to reduce the complications of the mother and her health during the delivery.

There are also quite a few disadvantages of a painless surgery as due to the complete numbness, the pressure needed to push the baby decreases to a great extent which may result in performing a C-Section or use of a vacuum.

In some cases, during a painless delivery, blood pressure drops significantly and often post procedure, mothers suffer from dizziness and get frequent headaches.

In the end, all the types of procedures have their pros and cons but when it comes to the risks involved and also the post procedure complications, a vaginal delivery has proven to be the safest method for both mother and the baby and suggested by all the doctors as well.

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