Delivery Pain ReliefSometime around the mid-1800s, the anesthetic effects of chloroform and ether were discovered.

While you’d assume that the medical establishment celebrated it as a remarkable achievement, quite the opposite happened. Many members of the British clergy were of the opinion that reducing pain in childbirth is against god’s will. They opined that if god had wanted childbirth to be painless, he would have created it like that. However, when Queen Victoria chose to use anesthetics for delivery, the clergy couldn’t say anything in reply, and the stance slowly weakened.

Today, painless delivery is an integral part of Obstetrics.

A woman experiences great pain during childbirth. In today’s times, it is incomprehensible to think that a woman must go through intense pain, when medicine has made such rapid advancements. There are two stages of labour pain that a woman experiences during childbirth.
The first is Visceral pain, which includes abdominal cramping and uterine contractions. The second stage of labour pain is called as Somatic pain, which is sharper and more continuous pain and also includes nerve entrapment caused due to the fetal head. It is important for the obstetrician to keep in mind, that while pain reduction is a priority, it must in no way interfere with the natural process of childbirth, and the patient can ambulate (move about freely).

Labour pain relief can be administered in two ways – pharmacological – which includes narcotics, tranquilizers – and non-pharmacological methods – which includes hypnosis, acupuncture, and hydrotherapy. Breath control and breathing exercises are also a crucial element of painless delivery, and the mother needs to be aware of the different breath modulations that she needs to undertake at different stages of the delivery. The correct posture is also of paramount importance, and this is to be communicated clearly to the delivering mother.

Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital takes great care to ensure that both mother and child leave our premises healthy and happy. We have a team of highly skilled and vastly experienced obstetricians who have specialized in painless delivery. They are ably assisted by our team of efficient and compassionate nursing and support staff who work round the clock to ensure that there are no glitches in your delivery.

Childbirth and motherhood are the greatest miracles of life, and we help you make this journey in a happy, painless manner. We also understand that the whole experience of childbirth is not just about the delivery, but the entire process from pregnancy to delivery.

Our team of doctors offer consultancy to expecting mothers throughout the pregnancy, which includes posture correction, emotional counseling, and communicating with the rest of the family about precautions and safety measures that need to be put in place.

When your baby lets out its first cry, and the hospital ward is flooded with happy smiles and giggles – that is our moment of satisfaction at Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital.