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Paediatric Chest Pain? Here’s All You Need To Know

Chest Pain in Kids

Pain in the chest? If you have experienced this, this might go into panic mode, mostly assuming that it’s the first sign of cardiac arrest or something.

Chest pain in the adolescent population is rarely considered to be life-threatening. However, prompt diagnostic evaluation and intervention help prevent an adverse outcome. This article presents a comprehensive overview of chest pain in children, briefly outlines the common causes of chest pain in pediatric patients.

Chest Pain In Children: A Cause For Concern?

More often than not, chest pain in children it isn’t a symptom of heart disease. In fact, the statistics of the medical research states that over 95% of kids who are recommended to see a paediatric cardiologist have no signs of identifiable heart conditions, although they randomly experience chest pain.


Chest Pain in Children

There are multiple structures in the chest which could cause chest pain in children. So, here are a few reasons that might help you understand this better.

Musculoskeletal causes of pediatric chest pain

The most common types of chest pain in children are related to irritation caused in the chest wall, (musculoskeletal system). People use the term growing pains referring to the child’s physical growth. It also happens when the child is in the transition stage entering into adolescence. This usually represents an inflammation of the joints that are between the ribs and the breastbone.

Precordial catch syndrome

Does your child experience sudden and severe pain on the left side of the chest. Ask your child if he or she has pain when they breathe. Does it disappear as quickly as it comes in a matter of just minutes? If yes, then your child must be facing precordial catch syndrome, something that causes chest pain in children.

Stomach causes and paediatric chest pain

As adults, we feel heartburn after certain meals; children may also experience these symptoms. They usually have this cramping pain during the nights. However, these symptoms can be treated with antacid medicines.


paediatric chest pain

Cardiac causes of chest pain in children

Although chest pain in children, as stated at the beginning of this article, is not life-threatening, some cardiac causes can be behind this. As with pulmonary causes of chest pain are associated with fever, can represent pericarditis or inflammation in the sack which surrounds the heart.

However, recurrent chest pain that occurs with exercise can be very critical and must be addressed immediately. There are very few and rare coronary artery anomalies that cause symptoms of chest pain in children.

On a general note, most cardiac causes of chest pain in kids can be sorted by proper evaluations and physical examinations.

All said and done, chest pain in children should not be ignored. If your child complains of any such discomfort, ensure that he or she is taken to a pediatrician, because your children deserve the best care possible. At Ankura, our team of skilled doctors are available round the clock to tend to any such case. Our trusted doctors will take care of your child and ensure that any issue is properly diagnosed and treated in time.

We’re here to help you understand your child’s needs better.

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