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Nasal CPAP For A Peaceful Sleep!

Nasal CPAP

Your baby’s well-being is the most important thing. Be it food, health or sleep, you would do everything to ensure that your baby is not in any form of distress.

Now, the secret behind a happy baby is good sleep. Whether your baby sleeps during the daytime or night doesn’t really matter, as long as he or she is getting adequate amount of sleep. To assist that, you ensure that you take all the measures – like feeding him or her, shooing away mosquitoes and basically keeping the room, sleep-conducive.

However, what if despite all of that, your baby’s sleep is disturbed? If your baby is breathless, sleep will be difficult. It’s called sleep apnea.

Even though it sounds distressing, it actually has a easy, non-surgical solution – nasal continuous positive airway pressure or nasal CPAP.

What is a Nasal CPAP?

A nasal CPAP is a mechanical device which creates mild air pressure. This air pressure maintains a steady airflow and assists in breathing when it is set up in a person’s nose. It’s a non-surgical treatment for people suffering from sleep apnea.

CPAP Nose Mask

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is trouble in breathing when a person is asleep. It is characterised by pause in breathing or shallow breathing when a person is deep asleep. The pauses or the sessions of apnea might last from a few seconds upto a few minutes. This hampers sleeping severely.

Does your child have sleep apnea?

You might often hear your child let out tiny snores when your sleep. Some of those snore might not be very innocent. Especially if your child’s sleep in interrupted or if s/he breathes through the mouth, it might be a case of sleep apnea. Consult a doctor immediately.

Can nasal CPAP help your child?

Sleep apnea can be managed effectively with nasal CPAP. The device is set up over the child’s nose and is a good alternative to intubation (insertion of tube). Breathing through a nasal CPAP also helps your child breathe fresh oxygen, devoid of the pollutants of worldly air. It is also used in preemies or children born with underdeveloped lungs.

CPAP Mask for Smoother Breathing

Does a nasal CPAP hurt?

Absolutely not. It only assists a smoother breathing and hence allows you child to get a peaceful sleep. Nasal CPAP is not even discomfortable. Your child, if s/he could, would prefer sleeping with a nasal CPAP over without it.

If you are still worried, you can watch the video below to see how a nasal CPAP is set, how it works and how it is observed.

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