Laparoscopic Surgeons in HyderabadIn earlier times, the word ‘surgery’ struck fear and panic in people. The assumption was that there would be a doctor with a knife and scalpel, and there would be a need to cut through your body parts and stitch it all up together at the end.

However, what if we told you all that is untrue about operational processes today? That in most surgical operations today, there is hardly any need for a knife or scalpel.

Welcome to the world of Laparoscopic surgeries, where complicated processes are surprisingly painless. Laparoscopic surgery is a kind of surgery where a fiber-optic instrument is inserted through the abdominal wall. This tiny fiber-optic device lets doctors examine your internal organs in the abdomen and conduct a small-scale operation. The entire process is performed with the help of tiny cameras, for the doctors to track the procedure on the screen.

Laparoscopy has quickly replaced traditional surgery in many cases, and this is true due to the many advantages that it offers in comparison to traditional surgical methods. There are some benefits of Laparoscopy.

Laparoscopy was introduced in the early 90s, with advancement in fiber-optics and communication devices. Laparoscopy drastically reduces the chances of haemorrhaging. Since only a small incision is made, where the pain is less, and recovery time is significantly reduced. Sometimes, the difference between the recovery time for laparoscopy compared to a traditional open surgery is between six weeks and six months!

Laparoscopy also involves petite scarring, since the incision required is often only a few centimetres long. The process is documented through a camera, which provides accuracy and allows doctors to embark on complicated and delicate surgical procedures.

Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital has successfully conducted a vast number of Laparoscopy surgeries since the inception of its first centre in the year 2011. We have always believed in adopting the latest technologies and techniques, and laparoscopy is another example of this zeal.

In some cases of laparoscopic surgery, patients are discharged the same day, or in one day. This is the advantage of laparoscopic procedures since it is minimally invasive and there are very few chances of contamination, bleeding, and scarring.

At Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital, we welcome you to the future!