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Keep Your Babies Safe From Dengue

Protect Children From Dengue

Mosquitoes are irritating. They sing karaoke inside your ears, and more importantly, bite you, feeding on your blood and giving you those itchy bumps. But, is that all they do before we squat them inside our hands and kill them?


They give us fever. And not any mild fever that we get all the time, mind you. They give us dengue.

What many of us may not know that if dengue is not treated within a particular time, it can be fatal.

Now, we have to understand that even though dengue is the same for both adults and babies, there is one difference. We can protect ourselves from mosquitos, some, if not all, but killing them whenever they buzz around us. Babies can’t. So, protecting children from dengue is all the more critical. Plus, who likes their children in discomfort, especially if it is caused by a disease as dengue?

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Before we go ahead with how to protect babies from dengue, let’s understand what exactly it is.

Dengue is caused by mosquitos and in mainly prominent in the tropical and subtropical countries of Southeast Asia. The virus is mainly contracted by the female tiger mosquitoes which are the ones that come in contact with the skin of a person and ultimately spread the virus to the body.

Dengue is caused by mosquitos

One of the few facts about dengue which may not cause some kind worry is that Dengue is not a communicable disease. It does not spread by touching another person.

Prevention of Dengue:

A fact about dengue everyone must know is that there is no particular treatment for Dengue.

Once the person is infected with the virus, it takes about four to seven days for the symptoms to show up.

Since there is no adequate treatment for the disease as such, prevention of dengue is of utmost importance. Measures should be taken by each and every person to prevent themselves and their families from the deadly disease. This is essential especially in case of babies, and they are tiny and vulnerable, and can’t really protect themselves on their own.

Some of the prevention measures are:

  • Environment around the people or the community as such should be made mosquito repellent so that there is no risk of infected mosquitoes to bite and infect other people.
  • Covering up the body with light, warm and loose fitting clothes is very helpful and necessary as well so that mosquitoes are not attracted to it. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark shades. So, ensure that your baby is not wearing very dark shades, or isn’t lying in dark spots.
  • Applying mosquito repellents on babies can be done before stepping out of home. Ensure that the cream or lotion that you are using is meant for babies, because such creams for adults might be harsh on the baby’s soft and sensitive skin.
  • Another form of repellent which is commonly used is mosquito coils, but following the instructions for setting up is important and also should be kept monitored as often babies can develop breathing issues due to the smoke.
  • Setting up a mesh over the bed of the baby is also very helpful in most cases where it helps to keep the mosquitoes away.

Prevention of Dengue

Babies have a lower immunity towards most diseases compared to children and adults. They need to be protected in every way possible so that diseases like dengue do not affect them.

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