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Is Your Baby Feeding Well?

Is Your Baby Feeding Well?

Being a new mother comes with a lot of new responsibilities, your entire focus shifts from just caring for yourself to also caring for the life that is growing inside of you, and eventually it is all about your baby! The baby’s growth, new developments, eating habits etc. while little developments give you the happiness to cherish for your lifetime, the other little things get you worked up in fraction of seconds. One such cause of worry is your baby’s intake of milk. New mothers are often found talking to experienced mothers, other new mothers, counselors and doctors about the adequacy of their baby’s milk intake for the first few months. We’re sure you know such people and would want to be of some help to them. Read on to know if your baby’s tummy is satisfied.

Here are a few ways to figure out if your baby is not satisfied with the feed,

  • If your baby is continuously losing weight, it is a sign.
  • If your baby is wetting less than 8 cloth diapers or 6 disposable ones.
  • When the urine your baby is passing is darker than it should be and has an odor.
  • If your breasts feel stiff and heavy even after feeding your baby.
  • When the baby appears grumpy and fussy after feeding.
    Mother Comforting Her Baby

On the contrary, here are a few ways to understand that your baby’s tummy is happy,

  • When your baby takes a feed at least six to eight times a day.
  • Breastfeeding becomes comfortable and pain-free after a few sucks.
  • If your baby looks healthier and happier and his skin bounces right back if you pinch it gently.
  • Your baby is alert and readily asks for feeds when he is awake.
  • You can see and hear your baby swallow the milk, (babies generally like to make noise when they’re feeding). Also, your baby might change rhythm while sucking.
  • When your breasts feel lighter and softer after the feed.
  • When your baby sleeps peacefully before waking up for another feed.

Baby Sleeps Peacefully

Initially, new mothers might face some difficulty breastfeeding their babies, some babies take their feeds as though they were trained in the womb, while some take their time to get used to it. Some mothers take a while to begin lactating properly, in all these cases, you need not worry, it will all fall in place in a matter of few days. But if the baby begins losing weight and grows cranky and grumpy, and in your body, you feel heavy and unable to feed, you should consider visiting the doctor.

Our team of doctors at Ankura, specialises in assisting new mothers to maintain a healthy life so as to be able to support their baby’s growth, our diet plans, latching techniques, and medication has been a help to many happy mothers and satisfied babies. We are happy to extend our services to you.

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