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Hypospadias is a common abnormality of the penis. It occurs in 1 out of every 150-200 boys. Hypospadias leads to both cosmetic and functional problems. The main features of hypospadias are an abnormally situated urinary opening (situated on the undersurface of the penis, instead of being at the tip of the penis normally), a penis that is bent downwards (which is called chordee), an abnormal foreskin and abnormal glans penis (glans is the cone-shaped terminal part of the penis). There are many types of hypospadias, based on the severity of each of these defects. For example, the lower the urinary opening and the more severe the chordee, the more severe the hypospadias.

Almost all hypospadias require surgical correction of the defect. Surgery for hypospadias is one of the most challenging operations in entire surgical practice. Thus, hypospadias surgery has to be performed only by experts. This is because good cosmetic & functional results have to be achieved which will result in a good quality of life both during childhood & later during adulthood also. In many cases, a single operation can correct the hypospadias; however in some severe cases, 2 operations may be required.

It is best to perform surgery before school-going age (before 3 years in most cases); ideally, the child should be able to pass urine normally in standing position by the time he goes to school. This will save the child from the psychologic issues later. The operation is usually performed under general anesthesia. A dressing & a catheter (tube to drain urine while the wound is healing) is left for 7-14 days, depending on the severity of hypospadias. The management of the child after surgery is quite simple. The process is discussed with the parents in great detail before the surgery, and most parents are very comfortable managing the child after surgery. The child will receive oral medications after surgery (antibiotic & mild pain-relief medication), and can usually be discharged home in 1 day after the surgery. The stitches are all self-dissolving & need not be removed.

As the surgery is performed on extremely young kids, we at Ankura Hospital for Women and Children make sure that there are no stoned unturned when it comes to offering you the best hypospadias surgery in Hyderabad. This is where Ankura Hospital for Women and Children uses its vast experience in childcare to help your child have a hassle-free surgery. Our team of doctors have decades of experience in dealing with problems pertaining to children and they use all their vast experience to ensure that you have nothing to worry about.

Being a technically complicated operation, hypospadias surgery has to be performed only by the experts in the field. Our chief surgeon, Dr VVS Chandrasekharam, has performed over 1000 hypospadias operations in the past 16 years in hyderabad. Dr Chandrasekharam has published many scientific papers on hypospadias in national & international journals. He has also described new techniques for hypospadias repair which have been internationally accepted. Dr Chandrasekharam receives a lot of referrals from all over the country for hypospadias operations, including hypospadias cases that have failed elsewhere. Our nursing staff is also well trained to handle children and always ensure they offer their services with a smile.

Ankura Hospital for Women and Children prides itself on its fantastic team of child specialists who have spent decades in child care. Our nursing staff are also pleasant, well-trained and extremely efficient in handling cases pertaining to children. We understand that children cannot be expected to sit quietly for a long time like adults. Which is why we ensure that our nursing staff are trained in handling children and cases pertaining to children.

We at Ankura Hospital for Women and Children believe that our greatest victory is when the parents and children walk hand in hand out of our centres. The sight of a happy mother with her child makes our effort worthwhile, and there is honestly no greater sight in the world!

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