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Food For Better Thought? – Here Are Some Of The Best Foods For The Brain!

Best Food For Brain Growth

It has often been said that food is the way to a person’s heart.

Essential Nutrients For Better Brain Development

But, it is lesser known fact that food is the key for brain growth in children. A lot of parents are often ignorant about the kind of diet they give to their babies. But, in the recent times, pediatricians have been giving more importance on how parents should understand the importance of brain growth along with physical growth.

Now what do babies and children usually eat? Chips, chocolates, cakes along with cheese, butter and so on. All of which in excess can hamper brain development to some extent.

Peanut Butter For Better Brain Development

Hence it is necessary provide the best food for brain growth to children so that they do not have to suffer in the long run due to inadequate brain growth. In fact, during pregnancies, gynecologists mention the best food for brain growth for the unborn. So that, the parents know about what the child needs after he or she is born.

It has been mentioned by the nutritionists that the brain is the first level for food consumption. It is the first organ in the body which consumes the essential nutrients.

There various types of best food for brain growth are as follows:

  • Children who are young need to have one egg in a day. Egg is a natural source of protein which helps in the physical development and strength. But, the egg yolk is very rich in choline, which helps in the memory building process among children.

Egg - Natural Source of Protein

  • Green vegetables are considered to be the best source for food that helps in concentration. All leafy vegetables are considered to be ideal for children who have poor concentration skills. Beans and Ladies finger are an absolute essential, which need to be fed to every child who have poor concentration spans.

  • The brain needs a huge quantity of vitamin-B, which helps in the functioning of the central nervous system. Whole grains is one of the best providers of vitamin b, which is makes it as one of the best food for brain growth.
  • Among cereals oatmeals and porridge is one the best food for brain growth. Oatmeal and porridge supply large quantities of fiber, which is very important for supply brain with the fuel, which requires fuel for energy. For a brain to work for longer hours in an efficient manner, there has to be a lot of fuel, so that the brain does not get tired. Oats and porridge provide the brain with the right quantum of fuel, for proper functioning.

Cereals and Oatmeal - Best Food For Brain Growth

  • Fish among the very many dietary sources as food for brain is the most unique. Fish oil and all types of fish have high quantities of Omega-3 acid. Fish also has Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA), which help in the brain growth.

Fish - Essential Nutrient Source for Brain Development

  • Peanuts and peanut butter is one of the most popular dietary sources of healthy fats and carbohydrates. But, peanuts and butter is one of the best sources to supply the brain with thiamine, which helps in providing the brain with glucose for energy in the brain. Thus making peanut butter as one of the best food for brain growth.
  • Milk and yogurt is very important for people across all ages as a dietary source of protein and calcium. But, it is a lesser known fact that milk and yogurt are used by children as it is one of the best sources of vitamin b, which is more important for the brain for children.

Milk and Yogurt - Dietary Supplement

These are some of the most important sources of the best food for brain growth required in children. Hence, it is suggested that the parents, to understand and follow this religiously which will help in maintaining the nutritional balance and requirements of the brain.

Unfortunately, every aspect of a diet is taken with a tendency to focus more of the physical health of a person. But, the mental health is as important to a person, as much as the physical health. Therefore, certain types of food must be provided from an early age, in order to provide the child with a better mental health. Here, at Ankura Hospitals, prime focus is laid on the dietary concerns among children, which are not addressed usually.

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