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Fetal Anomalies Screening: Here’s Why It Is Important

Fetal Anomalies Screening: Here’s Why It Is Important

It is said that the womb is the safest and most secure place for the baby. Even though parents and doctors wish for every child to be born healthy, yet, that’s not always the case. Several children are born with congenital defects that hold the potential to alter their lives.

It’s indeed painful for parents to see their child go through suffering, which is why, it’s essential that even before the baby is born, they opt for a few screening tests that will help detect anomalies in the fetus. This helps the doctors take a better call on beginning a string of treatments that can correct the problem.

We at Ankura, wish for every mother and child, health and happiness. If you are expecting your bundle of happiness soon, or are planning parenthood, please go through this as it’s important for you and your baby.

With the advancement in technology and equipment, tracking the development of your baby(fetus) has been made convenient and close to accurate. Screening for fetal anomalies is something that is recommended to new parents to make informed decisions about the health and safety of the mother and child.

What are fetal anomalies?Fetus - Unborn Baby

Anomalies originally mean something that deviates from the normal, standard and expected form. Fetal anomalies can be defined as structural or functional defects that occur during the fetus’ life inside the womb and can be identified before birth, at birth, or sometimes only later in infancy.

What are fetal screenings?

Fetal screening is the process of monitoring the development of the fetus inside the mother’s womb. For congenital structural abnormalities, ultrasound is one of the important screening and diagnostic tool. With the growing experience of sonographers and improving equipment, the scan that was once used to figure out the due date, is now giving a detailed depiction of fetal structures.

Now, with the advancement in ultrasound machines and wide application of the nuchal translucency (NT) scan, it has become possible to identify normal fetal anatomy and diagnose fetal abnormalities in the first trimester itself. Anomaly Scan

Ultrasound level II scan or the anomaly scan is a common scan done in the second trimester.

 This scan can:

  • Show your baby’s growth and check fetal movements
  • Check if  your baby’s internal organs are developing properly
  • Detect possible birth defects in your baby
  • Estimate the amount of amniotic fluid
  • Check the umbilical cord and position of the placenta
  • Check for markers of chromosomal abnormalities

What is the aim of screening for fetal anomalies?

Antenatal screening is done to identify fetal anomalies and allow the parents to make important decisions like:

  • Continuing with the pregnancy or choosing to terminate the pregnancy
  • Interim period to prepare for whatever they choose to do (termination/postnatal treatment or palliative care/infant disability)
  • Intrauterine therapy

We at Ankura wish no one would go through such a pain, but we also ensure that we will not just stand by you but walk you through the journey, if you do have such complications.

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